Sunday, December 28, 2014

Folks, while I'm recovering, please enjoy this and weep if you can

The famous preacher David Wilkerson gave this sermon years ago. This is only 7 minutes of it. I beg of you, those in the Church - do away with your pagan traditions, return to the sanctified Sabbath, return to Yehovah's Feasts, return to ALL of Torah, set yourselves apart from the world, and do not accept compromise!

Weep if you can, weep ...

The Observer

Thursday, December 25, 2014

... just a short note!

Hi Folks!

Sorry about not publishing for awhile. I've just gotten over the worse cold of my life! It lasted about a month. The docs won't hand out antibiotic anymore!

After feeling better I went out to eat - and got food poisoning!

Methinks old haSatan doesn't like me speaking about the "Law"!  : )

I'll get back in gear ASAP!

All the Best,