Monday, April 30, 2007

Is Your Child In A Public School? - They're Being Taught "Gay" Is Good

A nationally distributed training video produced by a "gay" advocacy group – which claims it's been shown on more than 100 public television stations – advises teachers to promote homosexuality as normal and healthy to children as young as kindergarten age, regardless of what values the child has been taught at home.

"We are asking kids to believe this [homosexuality] is right. Not as a matter of moral principle, but as a matter of, we're educating them and this is part of what we consider to be a healthy education," one unidentified teacher said during the videotaped meeting of educators preparing to teach – or as their critics charge, "brainwash" – their students.

That particular response was to a question from another teacher who wondered how to approach homosexual advocacy when a student comes from a background of biblical teaching, that is, that homosexuality is a sin.

"I don't know what to do about this but, as a school are we saying that kids have to support this? I guess that's what it sounds like to me that we're saying. If a child comes from a background that says homosexuality is not correct, are we telling that child that they're supposed to, this is what you are supposed to do?" asked the teacher.

The answer was a resounding yes.

The comments are just some of what is horrifying parents who now are seeing video clips of the "It's Elementary" video prepared for use in schools.

... see the video here.

Border Shooting - Another War That America Is Unaware Of

Could This Be The Biggest Blunder In NRA History?

Is Wayne LaPierre Your Enemy?

WASHINGTON — Efforts on Capitol Hill to strengthen federal background checks for gun purchases have brought together some unlikely bedfellows in the wake of the Virginia Tech campus shootings earlier this month.

Wayne LaPierre, president of the National Rifle Association, said his group is working closely with Democrats on new legislation that would make it easier for states to update and transmit records to the FBI involving residents who have been deemed mentally unfit to own a gun.

"If someone is adjudicated by a court of law to be mentally defective, a danger to themselves or others, are suicidal, they should be prohibited from owning a firearm and the record of that adjudication should be included in the background check," LaPierre told "It has been the NRA's position for over two decades," he said.

... But what happens when the APA (American Psychological Association) and similar groups enhance and grow their political agenda as some have suggested they already have done? What happens when someone can be declared mentally ill, or not, for political reasons?

This is a slippery slope we don't need to go down. The problem in the Cho/VT shooting was the incompetence and political correctness of the school administration and law enforcement. They had too many warnings and ignored them all! The needed laws are already in place. You wish to produce yet another national system instead of allowing each state to proceed on its own. Mr. LaPierre, you may have just stepped into something very smelly! I would suggest all NRA members to go
NRA Membership is not reacting well and NRA has issued this statement.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Is Lt. Col. Yingling Correct?

"You officers amuse yourselves with God knows what buffooneries and never dream in the least of serious service. This is a source of stupidity which would become most dangerous in case of a serious conflict."- Frederick the Great

For the second time in a generation, the United States faces the prospect of defeat at the hands of an insurgency. In April 1975, the U.S. fled the Republic of Vietnam, abandoning our allies to their fate at the hands of North Vietnamese communists. In 2007, Iraq's grave and deteriorating condition offers diminishing hope for an American victory and portends risk of an even wider and more destructive regional war.

These debacles are not attributable to individual failures, but rather to a crisis in an entire institution: America's general officer corps. America's generals have failed to prepare our armed forces for war and advise civilian authorities on the application of force to achieve the aims of policy. The argument that follows consists of three elements. First, generals have a responsibility to society to provide policymakers with a correct estimate of strategic probabilities. Second, America's generals in Vietnam and Iraq failed to perform this responsibility. Third, remedying the crisis in American generalship requires the intervention of Congress.

... for a long time now, during and after Vietnam, it has been rumored that our military officers, especially generals, are being ill-trained. This article lends support to this idea.

Why Is It I Don't Believe The Saudis?

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia -- Saudi Arabia announced yesterday that an anti-terrorism sweep netted 172 Islamic extremists and had stopped plans to mount air attacks on the kingdom's oil refineries, break militants out of jail and send suicide attackers to kill government officials.

... the video grab above (AP Photo) shows a table of small arms and a few explosives. This is about the size of the armory grabbed by BATFE agents in Alabama. With Saudi Arabia being the home of Whabbist Islam and the financiers of terrorism, something just doesn't make all this believable.

How Low Can You Go?

Approval Ratings:

Bush - 28%

Cheney - 22%

Pelosi - 30 %

Reid - 22%

... geez, they all have higher marks than I realized!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Garner Cartoon - Washington Times

Ultra-Violent South American Gang Spreads To 42 States!

... the FBI has more than 20 on-going investigations in 15 FBI field offices, according to the article ... once again El Bush, thanks for nothing!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

‘Thank you, Jesus!’ Lands Man In Slammer

Judge holds father in contempt for cry after acquittal on child abuse charge

HONOLULU - Junior Stowers raised his hands and exclaimed, "Thank you, Jesus!" in court last month when he was acquitted by a jury of abusing his son.

But his joy was short-lived when Circuit Judge Patrick Border held him in contempt of court for the "outburst" and threw him in jail.

... Jews and Christians are once again becoming the people to hate ... history is repeating itself ...

Are You Non-PC? I Hope You Like Prison!

Christians in bull's-eye in new 'hate crimes' plan - Congress working to create penalties for non-PC views

A fast-tracked congressional plan to add special protections for homosexuals to federal law would turn "thoughts, feelings, and beliefs" into criminal offenses and put Christians in the bull's-eye, according to opponents.

"H.R. 1592 is a discriminatory measure that criminalizes thoughts, feelings, and beliefs [and] has the potential of interfering with religious liberty and freedom of speech," according to a white paper submitted by Glen Lavy, of the Alliance Defense Fund.

... Laws like this, if passed, go beyond denying free speech. They are FASCIST!

"As James Jacobs and Kimberly Potter observed in Hate Crimes, Criminal Law, and Identity Politics, 'It would appear that the only additional purpose [for enhancing punishment of bias crimes] is to provide extra punishment based on the offender's politically incorrect opinions and viewpoints,'" said Lavy.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dark Ages II

For those of us who support the great struggle against radical Islam, the world reality could not be plainer. The threat of radical Islam is not merely a few thousand terrorists using small explosives to kill a few dozen people at a time — usually in the far away Middle East. Rather, it is an historic recrudescence of a violent, conquering old tradition of Islam that almost overwhelmed the world from the seventh century until as recently as 17th century. It is radicalizing the minds of increasing numbers of the world's 1.4 billion Muslims to be very aggressive culturally, as well as violent — from Africa to Indonesia, to Cairo to Ankara, to Paris, to Rotterdam to London to Falls Church, Va.

Funded by Saudi petro-dollars, it is capable of acting on a worldwide scale and will eventually get its hands on biological, chemical and nuclear weapons. While it probably will not be able to find sufficient unity to form a caliphate, it clearly has the capacity and intent to create violent chaos, to wreak digital havoc on our computer-based world economy and to intimidate Western governments to give up the very values and methods that have made our civilization so vibrant and free. Free speech in Europe is already being curtailed to protect radical Islam from even verbal criticism. The flying imams' lawsuit attempts to intimidate American citizens from even reporting possible terrorist activity to the authorities. Iran's nuclear ambitions are being appeased. How dare the media call it "Bush's war on terror." It's our war — and it was started by the radical Islamists — not by us. Where will it all stop?

... Tony Blankley describes how civilizations fall because they could read the "writing on the wall". We appear to be next ...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fired Professor Speaks Out! News Report

Insanity Is Becoming Rampant! This poor guy can't even express himself. Amendment 1 is officially gone at Emmanuel College!

Fired Professor Speaks Out! 4/4

Fired Professor Speaks Out! 3/4

Fired Professor Speaks Out! 2/4

Fired Professor Speaks Out! 1/4

PC Run Amuk!

Refusing To Hold Leaders Responsible - Nation's Border Agents Have No Confidence in Chief

( - Fed up with what they see as poor management and a lack of support for those on the frontline, U.S. Border Patrol agents Monday announced a lack of confidence in their leadership.

Amid rallies in Washington D.C. focusing on illegal immigration, leaders of the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) - the union representing the country's 11,000 non-supervisory border agents - announced it had cast a unanimous no-confidence vote in U.S. Border Patrol Chief David V. Aguilar.The 100-0 vote stemmed from complaints that field agents lack support from the top, a situation they say is exemplified by the case of two agents in Texas, jailed after shooting a Mexican trying to bring drugs into the country. The resolution cited the chief's willingness to believe what it called the "perjured allegations" of criminal aliens over his own agents.

... their leadership is doing EXACTLY what G.W. Bush wants, BTW!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Can Petraeus Pull It Off?

A report on the progress of our arms in Baghdad, Baqubah, Ramadi, and Falluja.

by Max Boot 04/30/2007 for The Weekly Standard

The news from Iraq is, as usual, grim. Bombings, more bombings, and yet more bombings--that's all the world notices. It's easy to conclude that all is chaos. That's not true. Some parts of Iraq are in bad shape, but others are improving. I spent the first two weeks of April in Baghdad, with side trips to Baqubah, Ramadi, and Falluja. Along the way I talked to everyone from privates to generals, both American and Iraqi. I found that, while we may not yet be winning the war, our prospects are at least not deteriorating precipitously, as they were last year. When General David Petraeus took command in February, he called the situation "hard" but not "hopeless." Today there are some glimmers of hope in the unlikeliest of places.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Jefferson Versus the Muslim Pirates

An Excellent History Of Days Gone By!

By Christopher HitchensCity Journal April 20, 2007

When I first began to plan my short biography of Thomas Jefferson, I found it difficult to research the chapter concerning the so-called Barbary Wars: an event or series of events that had seemingly receded over the lost horizon of American history. Henry Adams, in his discussion of our third president, had some boyhood reminiscences of the widespread hero-worship of naval officer Stephen Decatur, and other fragments and shards showed up in other quarries, but a sound general history of the subject was hard to come by. When I asked a professional military historian—a man with direct access to Defense Department archives—if there was any book that he could recommend, he came back with a slight shrug.

... nicely done, well worth the read ...

Celebrating Islamo-Fascism Awareness Day

Last fall, Pace University student Michael Abdurakhmanov tried to hold a screening of Obsession, a documentary about radical Islam, on his campus. Hoping to show that Islam is home to moderates as well as extremists, and that it is important to distinguish between the two camps, he unexpectedly found himself beset by opposition. Muslim students angrily rejected the idea. University administrators took an even harder line, with the school’s dean ominously warning Abdurakhmanov that showing the film could be considered a “hate crime,” and intimating, less than subtly, that police might be invited to sift through his personal record.

Now Abdurakhmanov has received restitution in a big way. Not only has Pace president David Caputo tendered a personal apology to Abdurakhmanov for the school’s strong-arm tactics, but yesterday marked the first-ever “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Day,” a nationwide effort to call attention to the threat of militant Islam by holding a mass-screening of the film that Abdurakhmanov’s school, quite literally, didn’t want him to see: Obsession. In total, 96 colleges and universities, among them Pace University, Columbia, Duke, and other prominent schools, together with three high schools and two military bases, showed the film, which was sponsored by the Terrorism Awareness Project, a new program of the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Reflection Of Hell On Earth - Why Bad Things Happen To Good People

By C.R. Hardy of NRO

Of course I believed in hell. Obviously. After visiting Auschwitz, who doesn’t? If hell can be on earth, hell can be in death. And after visiting Auschwitz, hell seemed more of certainty than heaven. Because I was 21 years old and there had to be justice. If there is no hell, then everything is permitted. Then Hitler is the same as you and the same as me, and he is laughing because now he’s only watching the game. There had to be a hell, and my friend had to make it personal.

Dostoevsky had the right conclusion: everything is permitted — but not because God is dead. Everything is permitted because we are free. We are free to ravage other men, to reap misery and destruction. But we are also free to be heroes, to make choices that correspond to the greatest capacities within us, to give our lives for others, to find meaning even when — precisely when — evil has its moment, to turn tragedy into triumph.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hey Whit! You're Nothing But A Nappy Headed Ho!

A History Of Abandoning Troops

Bay of Pigs -- An Anniversary of Heroism and Shame

"They fought like Tigers," writes the CIA officer who helped train the Cubans who splashed ashore at the Bay of Pigs 46 years ago this week. "But their fight was doomed before the first man hit the beach."

That CIA man, Grayston Lynch, knows something about fighting -- and about long odds. He carried scars from Omaha Beach, The Battle of the Bulge and Korea's Heartbreak Ridge. But in those battles, Lynch and his band of brothers could count on the support of their own chief executive.

At the Bay of Pigs, Lynch (an American) and his band of Cuban brothers learned -- first in speechless shock and finally in burning rage -- that their most powerful enemies were not Castro's Soviet-armed soldiers massing in Santa Clara, Cuba but the Ivy League's best and brightest conferring in Washington.

Headlines From The Web

Afghan Offensive To Test NATO 'Credibility'

The United States and its NATO allies are making progress in Afghanistan but face a critical test of the alliance's credibility from an expected spring offensive from the Islamist insurgency, Dutch Ambassador to the United States Christiaan Mark Johan Kroner said in an interview yesterday.

U.S. May Open Doors To 25,000 Refugees

The United States could take in up to 25,000 Iraqi refugees this year -- more than three times the number it previously agreed to admit -- in an effort to provide some relief to the crisis affecting several Arab countries, the State Department said yesterday.

The department also said it plans to allow Iraqis and Afghans working for the U.S. government in their respective countries to immigrate to the United States after only three years of service instead of the current 15 required by law.

Blaming Charlton Heston (Europe goes Goofy - Again!)

With a view to Monday's deadly shooting rampage at Virginia Tech, European newspapers are blaming the lack of gun control measures in the United States and implying that Charlton Heston is indirectly responsible for the scope of the killings.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Training "Good Men To Do Nothing"

... a point of view, PC society training good men to do nothing! One of the best descriptions of the evil of political correctness I've read!

By Felicia Dionisio

Why didn't the president of Virginia Tech University and the police chief charged with protecting the lives of those poor defenseless students and faculty members do anything to stop the campus massacre?

Because they're evil.

I'm sitting here watching these same men give a news conference in front of TV cameras. They look like deer in headlights as they try to explain why they apparently allowed a madman to kill two people and then remain on a college campus for hours while they stood by, meek as lambs, refusing to acknowledge the evil thrust upon them, refusing to allow the innocent any opportunity to protect themselves.

The so-called SWAT teams are supposed to neutralize the threat. They're trained to rush in and save lives. Why are so many of them seen on video standing around behind police cars while shots are being fired, while innocents are dying inside?

Why don't they do what they are trained and paid to do? Why do they sit back and allow evil to run its course without fighting to stop it?

Because they're evil.

... I can draw only one conclusion. They refused to act, because they didn't want to act. If that's not evil, I don't know what is.

The ''authorities'' hid behind their desks and their police cars.

They didn't want to ''inconvenience'' anyone.

They didn't want to make a fuss.

They didn't want to overreact.

They didn't want to appear foolish.

They didn't want to risk ridicule.

They didn't want to make anyone angry.

They didn't want to get sued.

They didn't want to shoot someone.

They didn't want to pay any overtime.

They didn't want to miss lunch.

They didn't want to trouble any professors.

They didn't want to do the right thing.

They didn't want to cancel those cheerleading tryouts.

And they didn't want to acknowledge evil exists and thrives in this world.

They didn't want to confront that evil. And they didn't want to confront it, because they're evil.
Think about it.

Why don't lawmakers seem to know the difference between right and wrong? Why don't they ever do anything for the good of the people?

More laws that limit freedom?

Higher taxes?

Illegal immigration?

Why don't our politicians seal our borders and protect U.S. sovereignty?

Jail for protecting your life and property?

Innocent young men accused of rape while exonerating evidence is withheld?


Monday, April 16, 2007

Irresponsibility: At The Border, On The G.W.O.T. - Now, Contaminated Food!

WASHINGTON — Just 1.3 percent of imported fish, vegetables, fruit and other foods are inspected — yet those government inspections regularly reveal food unfit for human consumption.

Frozen catfish from China, beans from Belgium, jalapenos from Peru, blackberries from Guatemala, baked goods from Canada, India and the Philippines — the list of tainted food detained at the border by the Food and Drug Administration stretches on.

Add to that the contaminated Chinese wheat gluten that poisoned cats and dogs nationwide and led to a massive pet food recall, and you've got a real international pickle. Does the United States have the wherewithal to ensure the food it imports is safe?

Food safety experts say no.

... folks, this is called, "public endangerment" and you can thank Congress, the FDA and the Bush Administration !

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Bush Admin Enabling Terror - Clinton Style!

According to the agreement signed in Beijing on Feb. 13, 2007, North Korea was to “shut down and seal the Yongbyon nuclear reactor for the purpose of abandonment” as of today. (April 13th)

That was the condition for U.S. aid and incentives to North Korea set by Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice when she announced the six-party agreement to bring North Korea’s multi-faceted nuclear weapons programs under international control, and ultimately dismantle them.

As expected, the minute the agreement was signed the North Koreans charged forward at top speed – not to implement it, but to stall, while insisting vociferously that they must reap all the promised fruits.

Former Undersecretary of State and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John R. Bolton does not believe the North Koreans will ever get rid of their nuclear weapons because they are “integral to the survival of King Jong Il’s regime.”

Speaking at the American Enterprise Institute on April 5 along with AEI scholars Nicholas Eberhardt and Dan Blumenthal, Bolton argued that nuclear weapons were North Korea’s “ultimate trump card against the United States, Japan, China,” and indeed, against the North Korean people. “North Korea cannot give those weapons up in a way that we would consider acceptable and verifiable without fundamentally undermining the regime itself.”

President Bush set a high standard shortly after the agreement was announced two months ago.

“Those who say that the North Koreans have got to prove themselves by actually following through on the deal are right. And I’m one of them,” he said “[N]ow it’s up to the North Koreans to do that which they say they will do.”

And today, we can see that they haven’t. So what are we going to do about it?

According to Bolton, very little.

Garner Cartoon - Washington Times - Shark Bites And Runs

Friday, April 13, 2007

Remember Me -Get Your Hankey Out

Asymmetrical Warfare - Recent Terrorist Attacks In America?

Muslim Cabbies

Contaminated Listerine

Poison Pet Food

Flying Imams

These things are right out of the aQ playbook. Why is it nobody seems to notice?

Harassment is pure unadulterated Guerrilla Warfare. A good team will harass, cajole, pin-prick, kill, maim, and "bother" the enemy in ANY WAY POSSIBLE! Do we have any thinkers left in government?

Is Johnny Sutton One Of America's Jack-booted Henchmen?

U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton, a longtime ally of President Bush, is being targeted by lawmakers and others across the country because of his successful prosecution of three U.S. Border Patrol agents and a deputy sheriff on charges of violating the civil rights of illegal aliens.

One congressman accused Mr. Sutton of being "on the wrong side of the border war"; another called the prosecutions "the worst betrayal of American defenders I have ever seen"; one said the cases were a "grotesque misdirection of our judicial system"; and another introduced a bill, now co-sponsored by 90 House members, calling for congressional pardons.

National Border Patrol Council President T.J. Bonner, whose organization represents the agency's 10,000 nonsupervisory personnel, said Mr. Sutton "violated the public's trust, and must be removed from office immediately." Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner Jr., Wisconsin Republican and member of the House Judiciary Committee, suggested hearings on the matter and has asked the Justice Department to review the Ramos-Compean case. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, California Democrat, has asked for a Senate hearing, saying, "The facts do not add up or justify the length of the sentences for these agents, let alone their conviction on multiple counts."

And Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, California Republican, took to the House floor in February to denounce Mr. Sutton as a "dishonest and overzealous prosecutor who has lied to us about this case."

... Glenn Beck has called Ramos, Compean and Hernandez America's first POLITICAL PRISONERS! Is he correct? And, will Dog The Bounty Hunter become the fourth?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Monday, April 09, 2007

Selling Hot Dogs In A PC World - True Stories From The Brain-Washed Files

Remember this Jingle?:

Can you imagine the commercial playing today, in this world of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS? Don Imus might laugh at "nappy headed hos" and Jesse Jackson may make fun of "Hymies", but of course, only Imus will have trouble because of it. In fact, The Reverand Jackson was on Beck's show last night calling for his head!

Hotdogs, Armour hotdogs.

What kinds of kids love Armour hot dogs?

Fat kids, (oh! How dare you make fun of the "weight-challenged")

skinny kids, (you bastard! he can't help a little weight loss!)

kids who climb on rocks, (you're just bashing the kids who can't climb rocks!)

tough kids, (obviously from an underprivileged family! - give 'em money!)

sissy kids, (stop it! he was born with a sissy gene, you hateful person!)

even kids with chicken pox love hotdogs, (ah! leave the infirmed alone!)

Armour hot dogs, the dogs kids love to bite. (PETA WILL come calling!)

... which reminds me of a true story;

We were standing by the water cooler talking sports. Around me were 3 well educated, many "mastered" Structural Engineers discussing their respective college's football record when the subject got around to sports we played as kids. The other 3 gentlemen spoke of soccer and other things not very interesting to me, and then it was my turn. I spoke of my love for baseball and the fact that I played the game from early on, through high school. Then, I must have said something wrong! The 3 men became quiet, withdrawn, their eyes averted mine! I had apparently mentioned something "off-color". We don't use that word, one man said. What, I said, what word? We don't use the "m" word (he couldn't even say it!). I suddenly realized what he meant! I had told them about my activity in MIDGET FOOTBALL! Horrors upon horrors! I had gleefully described little tikes about 3 feet high running around in pads and helmets banging into things and falling over; a very laughable visual, in my opinion!

But, these 3 gentlemen were aghast in horror! I chuckled and began a discourse on how Chairman Mao's little red book was used on them and how they were classic, clinical examples of brain-washing; no better than Pavlov's dogs! They weren't amused for some reason and quickly broke up the festivities.

... it was then I begin to truly appreciate how our society had changed. Men had become panty-waisted, effeminate, and trained not to spit in the fan! Their unwholesome political correctness was straight out of Orwell. I was the one aghast now, and deeply concerned about our future.

The Price of Appeasement - Kissing Oily Rear Ends

Lt. Col. Oliver North Tells It Honestly

No Western leader — not Tony Blair, not George Bush, certainly none of the leaders of “Old Europe,” and surely no one at the United Nations — dares risk the wrath of the ayatollahs and the possibility that Iran might shut off 20 percent of the world’s oil. Just the chance that the most recent “hostage crisis” might worsen pushed the price of oil over $66 per barrel — a 7 percent rise — in less than a week.

If ayatollahs laugh, the tin-horned theo-despots ruling Tehran must be chortling in their beards. For nearly two weeks, the Islamic radicals running the world’s pre-imminent terrorist state once again had leaders of the civilized world cowering and cutting back-room deals. But the clerics are confident there will be no consequences — all because of oil.

Other than terrorism, Iran has no ability to project power — yet. Its air force is hardly worthy of the name. The U.S. has the capacity, in the words of one senior retired military officer, now a Pentagon consultant, “to eliminate the entire Iranian Navy in less than an hour.”

... no courage, no conviction, a PC unwillingness to fight the needed battles ... when will an American be elected President?

Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Quran, Bible, and the Crucifixion

Thanks, Tigress! With All My Love, this Easter, 2007 - Tiger

Muslims generally believe that the Bible was corrupted and is therefore no longer a reliable version of the word of God. Most Muslims even believe that this is what the Qur’an teaches. However, when the passages of the Qur’an are examined in detail, the conclusion turns out to be quite different. Throughout the years we have sought to amass enough evidence from Muslim sources to show that the Quran does in fact confirm that the Holy Bible is the inspired, preserved Word of God.

Muslims realize the problem this poses for their beliefs. To accept the Holy Bible is to reject the Quran as a fraudulent book, and yet to reject the Holy Bible is to reject the Quran’s positive testimony to the authority and preservation of the Holy Bible.

HT: Tigress - this site is a wonderful compilation of Muslim/Christian interaction, conversion, and study. The site is well done. It is so informative and massive it can be enjoyed for weeks! The linked article is one small example. You may link to the HOME Page on Observanda's face page (Answering Islam) or from this entry link.

Another Job Left Undone - A Continuous String Of Errors

Radical Cleric Calls on Iraqis to Halt Cooperation With U.S. Military

The man who should be dead, the renegade cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, urged Iraqi forces to stop cooperating with the United States and told his guerrilla fighters to concentrate their attacks on American troops rather than Iraqis, according to a statement issued Sunday.

Al Sadr's supposed statement cannot be verified, but the effect will be enormous! It comes right after Petraeus' Beg Letter. We can only hope this is a sign of desperation on al Sadr's part!?!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Oh No! Petraeus Has The Bush Disease! Begging Shows Weakness!

General Petraeus' Letter to the Iraqi People

To the Iraqi People:

Monday, April 9, 2007 will mark the 4th anniversary of the liberation of Iraq from Saddam Hussein's regime. For many in Iraq and around the world, it will be a time for reflection on the early days after liberation in 2003 and on what has transpired since then.

As one of those who was part of the "fight to Baghdad,” I remember well the hopes and dreams of the Iraqi people when coalition soldiers pulled down Saddam’s statue in Firdos Square in April 2003. Looking back, I recall a sense of enormous promise -- promise that, in many respects and for a variety of reasons, has yet to be fully realized. If we are honest with each other, in fact, we will acknowledge that while there have been substantial accomplishments in Iraq since 2003, the past four years have also been disappointing, frustrating, and increasingly dangerous in many parts of Iraq for those who have been involved in helping to build a new state in this ancient land.

On this April 9th, some Iraqis reportedly may demonstrate against the coalition force presence in Iraq. That is their right in the new Iraq. It would only be fair, however, to note that they will be able to exercise that right because coalition forces liberated them from a tyrannical, barbaric regime that never would have permitted such freedom of expression.

Those who take to the streets should recall, moreover, that were it not for the actions of coalition forces in 2003 (and, to be sure, actions by Iraqi, as well as coalition, forces since then), they also would not have been able to celebrate the recent religious holidays as they did in such massive numbers. Nor would they have been able to select their leaders by free and democratic elections, vote on their constitution, or take at least the initial steps toward establishment of a government that is representative of, and responsive to, all Iraqis.

It is particularly important to me that "Najafis,” the citizens of Najaf, recall these facts, for in 2003 I was privileged to command the 101st Airborne Division, the unit that liberated the holy city of Najaf and its sister city, Kufa. The battle of Najaf was, in fact, our first significant combat action in Iraq. Following its conclusion, we went on to defeat the elements of Saddam's army and the Saddam Fedayeen that fought us in Kifl, Karbala, and Al Hillah, before securing and stabilizing southern Baghdad, Haditha, and, eventually, Mosul and Ninevah Province. Our soldiers sacrificed greatly to give the Najafis and millions of other Iraqis the freedoms, however imperfect they may be, that they enjoy today.

While the establishment of the new Iraq has included a number of noteworthy achievements, it has also had its share of setbacks. Indeed, the coalition's efforts have not been without mistakes. I acknowledged a number of them during my appearance before the Senate Armed Services Committee in January.

I would add, however, that the coalition has, at the least, consistently sought to learn from its mistakes. And, when those mistakes have involved unacceptable conduct, coalition authorities have taken administrative and legal action against those responsible. The coalition has, despite its occasional missteps, worked hard to serve all Iraqis and to bolster those who support a new Iraq founded on the principles now enshrined in the Iraqi Constitution.

Iraq, four years after liberation, faces serious challenges. The sectarian violence that escalated after the Samarra mosque bombing in 2006 was an enormous setback. Indeed, it tore the very fabric of Iraqi society. The damage done is still readily apparent in various neighborhoods of Baghdad and in many areas outside the capital.

Now Iraqi and coalition security forces are engaged in a renewed effort to improve security for the Iraqi people and to provide Iraq's leaders an opportunity to come to grips with the tough issues that must be dealt with to help foster reconciliation among the people of Iraq and to enable achievement of conditions that permit the withdrawal of coalition forces.

As the commander of the coalition forces in Iraq, and having given some 2-1/2 years of my life to this endeavor, I would like to take this opportunity to call for support of the new security plan. I ask all Iraqis to reject violence and the foreigners who fuel it with their money, arms, ammunition, training, and misguided young men. Beyond that, I ask, as well, for all Iraqis to notify Iraqi or coalition forces when those who would perpetrate violence on their fellow citizens or security forces enter their neighborhoods.

Coalition soldiers liberated Iraq from Saddam's "Republic of Fear." Now Iraqis must reject those who seek to drive wedges between people who have, in the past, lived in harmony in the Land of the Two Rivers. This is a time for Iraqis to demonstrate to the world their innate goodness, their desire to respect those of other sects and ethnic groups, and their wish to stitch back together the fabric of Iraqi society. Only in this way can Iraqis make the most of the opportunity that Iraqi and coalition security forces are striving to give them. And only in this way can the dreams of those who live in a country so rich in blessings and promise be fully realized.

With respect,

David H. Petraeus
General, United States Army
Commander, Multi-National Force-Iraq

... General! Apparently you don't understand your enemy, either!

Friday, April 06, 2007

What Lack Of Conviction Leads To - Ralph Peters Discusses The Iraq War

Peters: The mistakes are legion. To cite only a few: Not enough troops early on; the unwillingness to impose security in the streets after Baghdad’s fall (the administration feared the media would carp about any crackdown); trusting partisan émigrés who had narrow, selfish agendas; turning Iraq into a looting orgy for U.S. contractors; the refusal to listen to military advice in wartime; forbidding the military to plan for an occupation; failing to field a unified chain of command; the hubris of sending young, inept party hacks to Baghdad for brief, ticket-punch stints to reconstruct a complex country; the lack of seriousness about defeating the insurgency early on; the lack of resolve to kill Muqtada al-Sadr when he began his campaign of assassinating our allies; disbanding the Iraqi military and government, thus putting idle young males out of work and on the streets; allowing private security contractors to alienate the Iraqi population; and the general lack of courage and will in the administration after Baghdad fell—the dog caught the fire truck and didn’t know what to do with it. President Bush did a noble thing, but did it inexcusably badly.

... read the entire interview. You may speak of hindsight being 20/20, but it would be an untruth in this case. All these items were concerns early on and rejected out of hand by the Bush Administration! The interview also covers the De-Christianization of Europe.

Speaking Of Stem Cells - White House Needs To Grow Brain

The White House yesterday signaled support for legislation that provides federal funding for stem-cell research using embryonic cells that have no chance of surviving.

The legislation, authored by Sen. Johnny Isakson, Georgia Republican, seeks a middle ground in the highly charged debate over stem-cell research. His bill skirts moral concerns over using embryonic stem cells while ensuring federal funding for the breakthrough science.

Mr. Isakson's bill would allow scientists to conduct research on embryos they determine are incapable of surviving in the womb but whose stem cells are still viable for research. The bill would also allow funding for research on stem cells from embryos that have died during fertility treatments.

"This legislation threads the ethical needle," Mr. Isakson said yesterday. "I'm very optimistic it will be looked on favorably, especially with the White House's endorsement."

... it's all about appearances, isn't it Mr. Bush? No conviction whatsoever!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Another Success For ADULT Stem Cells

A week before the U.S. Senate again grapples with the explosive issue of embryonic stem cell research, one of the most stunning reported advances in bio-technology in years comes from stem cells not harvested from human embryos but derived from a non-controversial source.

British researchers have for the first time grown part of a human heart, using "adult" stem cells derived from bone marrow, British media reported this week.

If trials in animals such as pigs and sheep prove successful later this year, the London-based team led by professor Sir Magdi Yacoub said such replacement tissue could be used in transplants for heart disease patients within three years.

America; Slowly Dying By Political Correctness

No more GWOT, House committee decrees

The House Armed Services Committee is banishing the global war on terror from the 2008 defense budget.

This is not because the war has been won, lost or even called off, but because the committee’s Democratic leadership doesn’t like the phrase.

A memo for the committee staff, circulated March 27, says the 2008 bill and its accompanying explanatory report that will set defense policy should be specific about military operations and “avoid using colloquialisms.”

The “global war on terror,” a phrase first used by President Bush shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the U.S., should not be used, according to the memo. Also banned is the phrase the “long war,” which military officials began using last year as a way of acknowledging that military operations against terrorist states and organizations would not be wrapped up in a few years.

Garner Cartoon - Washington Times - Traitor In Headscarf