Sunday, June 15, 2008

"Conservative's" G.W.O.T. Problem - They Still Don't Get It!

I have great admiration for Ann Coulter. A woman with a good head on her shoulders is an asset. She is definitely NOT a dumb blond - her hair is dyed blond anyway! : )

Like most conservative public figures, however, she has an awareness problem concerning the GWOT. She doesn't have a clue when we're being attacked and when we're not. Understanding and observing this war through "military eyes" only is a deadly mistake. The ongoing and historical debates and arguments between special ops soldiers and the "regular army" is the best example of what I mean. There were things that Major Robert Rogers and his Rangers (French & Indian Wars) understood, that wig-wearing British generals never understood. The same is true today.

This is a multi-front war. It is being fought (or, I should say; NOT being fought) in church's, schools, government agencies, on tactical and strategic battlefields, within diplomatic circles, in elections; within every aspect of life you can think of. And, we're losing!

The fact (and it is a fact) that no terrorist Al-Qaida attack on American soil has occurred since 9-11-2001 does not preclude the fact that we have been and still are attacked by radical Islam, whether under the official banner of Al-Qaida, or not! This website has presented many such examples. A special ops soldier understands this concept; a regular soldier does not. A thinking political leader understands this concept (it's very rare), but most do not.

It is a great disappointment to realize Ann Coulter falls into the "does not" category. Ann, please re-read Col. Hunt's book. You obviously had comprehension problems the first time you read it.
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