Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tiger Calls For World Summit To Address Bush's Socialism

If there were any doubt left as to Bush's overt socialism, it should be totally squelched by now! FOXNEWS.COM just recently headlined; Bush Calls for World Summit to Address Economic Crisis . Of course, I'm joking about a world summit concerning Bush's socialism. The "world" is even more socialist than G.W. Bush, if that's possible.

Many of us saw it coming for years. George H. W. Bush was a liberal extraordinaire, a lover of the U.N., and a pain in the ass to Reagan. Bush senior was chosen as a running mate to Reagan to satisfy the "liberal" segment of the republican party anyway. And before you ask; no! - I didn't like Bush the elder as president. I knew then he was heading the party into oblivion. The son continued the sins of the father and became even more Marxist. G.W. truly believes government is the solution to our ills! He promotes the continued drinking of the poison called government.

Now, the U.S. and "world" governments have successfully executed a tremendously game-changing power-grab. Control the banks and you control the world. Don't be surprised if Obama makes it harder and harder to buy, sell, and trade without following certain laws.

G.W. Bush will forever be the man who pulled the trigger on the gun that finally killed the elephant.
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