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Do You Dare Take The Quiz?

Have you ever noticed those ads on the Internet? Take this quiz, test your I.Q, do you really know the Constitution?

Some of them are fun, others are silly. They all lead you to an offer to purchase something useless, of course. One of my favorites is the triangle question.

How many triangles do you count?

The choices don't always offer what I actually see! There are 10 triangles here, not 6! I guess that’s an indicator of how my brain works (or doesn’t)!

In Christianity we are questioned with quizzes all the time. We are asked to buy into something while being pressured by the denominational entity presenting the quiz. Here's one for you.

Question: Which Christian symbol is pagan in origin?

the Cross------------------the Fish-----------a Sacred Heart Medal-----a Mitre hat

The answer may not be what you think! The answer, of course, is ALL OF THEM! Yes, that's right! All of them.

I know what your thinking. Does it matter that someone wears a medallion, places a "Christian" fish on their car, wears cross jewelry, or wears a mitered hat in a religious ceremony? As long as the person genuinely realizes the article is not to be worshipped, then for most people the answer is no - it doesn't matter.

But for me it does matter. Here's why.

With even a casual reading of your Bible it becomes overwhelmingly evident that anti-christian forces have, throughout biblical history, introduced; false symbols, misdirected teaching, false ceremony, idolatry, and numerous unmentioned traditions into Christianity in order to turn you away from the true Christ. This deception has been coordinated by the one who wishes to take God's place - you have heard of him, I'm sure.

Let's look at each symbol and investigate it's original meaning. As always, review each hyperlink to get the full impact of the study.

The Cross

What letter does the false god listed in Ezekiel 8:14 begin with? A letter "T" of course. Tammuz has been long associated with the cross symbol, long before Christians began to identify the cross with the crucifixion. (Note: on the "Master's Table" link, click "Pagan Symbols" and "The Cross~Pagan")

Here's another surprise! Most likely, Jesus was not crucified on a cross. He was most likely crucified on a stake! Now, I realize that our modern Bibles use "cross" all throughout the New Testament. However, this wasn't true until the Tyndale Bible. Before Tyndale the Greek word, "Stauros" was used. This word clearly means "stake". Because of his Catholic upbringing and education Tyndale used the Latin, "Crux", meaning cross. Yes, the Romans worshipped Tammuz and other related gods. As an aside, another argument that prevails is whether or not Jesus was nailed in the wrists or the hands. Our "doubting Thomas" was clearly told in the N.T. to look at Jesus' hands and as far as I know, earlier manuscripts don't show anything different.

Obviously, to our Lord Jesus it didn't make any difference! Whether He was crucified on a stake or on a cross it still hurt like hell! (pardon the pun!)

The point here it to be aware of the pagan influence and deception of the cross symbol.

The Fish & The Mitre

While driving in traffic we've all seen the little fish symbols on the backs of cars. The occupants want to tell you they're Christian. Sometimes you see two large fish and two little fish, representing the parents and the kids - the whole family! Then you see the "Darwin" fish with feet! This person wants say that the unscientific (IMO) Theory of Evolution takes precedence over your Christian beliefs. And I'm sure you've seen the large Christian fish symbol eating the Darwin fish.

We really can't discuss the fish symbol without showing the Mitered hat as well. They're related. (click "Pagan Symbols" and "Dagon" in the link) Dagon is an ancient god of fertility. The name is derived from many sources and depending on the culture could mean; fish, grain, or corn. The classic idol of Dagon is a half-human, half-fish arrangement. And yes, not surprisingly, the Romans worshipped Dagon. (So did others - Joshua 19:27, Judges 16:23, 1 Samuel 5:2, 1 Chronicles 10:10) BTW, Dagon was also called, Ichthys - meaning "fish". To show obeisance to a Dagon Priest one had to kneel and kiss his ring. He was referred to as, "His Holiness". Sound familiar? Though claimed to be part of the O.T. dress of Hebrew Priests the mitered hat is really part of the dress of ancient Dagon Priests. In truth, the Roman church started out using dress similar to the old Hebrew tradition but quickly transgressed towards the pagan Dagon, to play with the words. Here's a couple of pics showing the development. On the left is a Hebrew Priest, on the right (below), the Roman church's progression of use for this type of headgear. You've heard of the Catholic habit of eating fish on Fridays, right? This is an ancient practice of Dagon worship.

Please read the provided links. They're quite interesting and are trustworthy, IMO. You see, no matter how you try to relate biblical accounts with church symbols, the feeding of the multitudes with fish, for example, the true origin of these things is quite different and are actually deceptions to turn you away from Christ.

The Scared Heart Medals

And last, but not least are the various medallions worn by believers. Not all of them are "sacred heart" medals but you'll get the idea nonetheless. The pagan meaning behind these should be obvious. The wearer is supposedly somehow protected from some evil by wearing the medal. Supernatural power is somehow transferred to the object and it becomes an amulet of protection and/or guidance. This is blatant, no-compromise idol worship. It has no place in Christianity! The study of the "sacred heart" iconography is a volume unto itself and is not covered here. It is altogether pagan and non-Christian.
Why does all this matter? It matters because the enemies of Christ looking at all this mixing of Christianity with paganism (called Syncretism) come to the conclusion that Christianity is just an updated version of ancient pagan worship and is to be treated as such. Your worship becomes as meaningless as a Hindu idol; to be ignored and ridiculed.
Yes, whether you accept it or not, symbols are extremely important in your worship of the one true God. I pray that you will not be deceived and if you have been, ask genuinely for forgiveness and wisdom on this subject.
If you attend a church that pushes these symbols I would recommend you ask yourself, "am I worshipping God" or "another Jesus"? (2 Cor 11)
The Observer


Trevor Serra said...

It's not really a big surprise...people often forget that during the era that Christ was crucified, The Roman Empire was Pagan. I wouldn't associate the Christian fish with the Darwin fish though...they are two separate symbols(though very similar). The fish actually originated from the Jews...drawn in the sand before Jesus even walked the earth.

What would happen was that whoever was not a pagan was oppressed by the governments...a Jew would draw half of the symbol in the sand, and if another person walked by and drew the other half it would symbolize the faith--it meant that person was safe to talk to.

The cross was actually an ancient rune that symbolized "death"...so it would make sense that the Romans would use it, and that it would be used as a symbol for Christianity.

Unfortunately, many people associate Christianity with a great life, and happiness, and being perfect when really if you read the bible it is about something totally different...

Tiger said...

Well said, Trevor. Thanks for the visit! - Tiger