Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What Actions Can We Take? Or Should We Take?

Just what can we individuals do, or should do, in these days of social upheaval, political degradation, and spiritual decline?  To combat these movements should we join forces and act as a cohesive unit?  Should we become political activists?  Should we lobby our leaders, secular and religious, to make public statements and/or announce support for "our" political candidates?

These types of questions have been most common recently, especially from emailers who are frustrated by what they see as a general decline in society and the world.

This political cartoon from Lisa Benson, January 31, 2012 sums up the problem, at least from my perspective.

The Roman Catholic Church, in N. America, recently read a letter to it's congregants.  The letter is linked here.

Roman Catholic Bishops initially announced support for "Obamacare", stating that all people must have access to affordable health care.  If you haven't been following this issue in the U.S., the Obama administration is trying to implement socialized health care here.  So, although first announcing support for the measure, the Bishops are now saying that the "free" birth control, morning-after abortion pills, and access to abortion providing doctors cannot be part of the package.

My answer to these kinds of questions and concerns might surprise you!  As usual, I will go back to scripture and start asking questions.

Hmmm ... let's see.  Did Jesus, Paul, Peter, or any of the others try to work with the Roman Empire to correct the percieved wrongs of the world, to provide for the poor, or place their political candidate in the Roman Senate?  Uh ... nope!

Did the Apostles, like the SDA Church, sign on to an agreement to ban certain weapons to help achieve a more peaceful Roman Empire?  Uh ... nope!

Just what was the early church's stand on these things?  Obviously, their emphasis was on the spiritual growth of individual believers as it relates to their personal relationship with Yeshua (Jesus), not a reliance on man's political systems (or Man's religious systems!).  You see, the good book teaches us that only God can produce what we need in society.  Man, on his own, cannot!  Historically, capitalist societies have provided for more people and shared more wealth than any other system.  But even these systems become corrupt when God is removed from the picture.  I offer up my own country, the U.S. of A., as a prime example of this.

So what do I do, personally, to achieve a better societyWell, I start with myself.  First and foremost, my personal relationship with the Almighty must be a daily and regular connection.  My relationship with Him must be solid and personal.  While understanding their is nothing I can do to earn His favor, I still come to Him, on my knees, where I belong. (Acts 15:11) (just do a search on the word, "grace" in the N.T.) (Exodus 20:1, 2, 3)

Next, I try my best not to be a burden on society or on my neighbor.  I don't ask my government or my neighbor for help.  I believe it is my spiritual responsibility to keep from being a burden on others.  When a need does arise in society, the Tigress and I do everything we can to help. (1 Tim. Ch. 5)  You see, the government is not supposed to be the ones to help others.  We believers are supposed to do that.  And, if a person lacks the spiritual awareness and fortitude to care for themselves we should be there to assist the person to achieve this spiritual connection with God. (Matt. Ch. 7) (Exodus 20:17)

(Folks, I understand things happen to people and sometimes they can't help being poor, etc., but this misses the entire point.  Sin is the reason we have problems in life.)

As a member of a generally free society (this is changing as we speak) it is also my duty to participate and vote in elections as I see fit.  I actually pray to God about my vote!  What is my measuring stick concerning political candidates?  The Bible of course!  Yes, we all fall short!

Again, keeping in mind their is nothing I can do to earn grace, I try my best to turn away from all things that the good book has shown me to be bad.  It's taken a life-time of study but I have learned to turn away from pagan influences such as; Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Idols, Love of Money, Love of Power, etc.  The list goes on and on ...  I have tried to steer myself and my family towards a purer form of worship based more on the First Century church which is anchored in biblical Hebraic roots, not in pagan "Church" history.  To grow spiritually we must be an avid reader of the Bible and study it often.  In many countries, Bibles are illegal!  Here in America we have no excuse.

(Have you noticed how important the 10 Commandments are in this overall question?  The "Big 10" cover every sin known to man - EVERY SIN!  They are the mirror that reflects our sin back to us, so we may clearly see.)

IOWords, I try my best to actually be that light that shines so others may see.  (Matt. Ch. 5)  In this blog you will hear me at my most "preachy" because I'm trying to explain myself to a wide audience.  In life, I try not to be that way. Actually, my success rate has been very good.  People ask me about my belief often and tell me they like it and want it. 

BTW, I do not support socialized health care!

Now comes the million dollar question. "Tiger, how has all this worked out?"  "Why is the world in such a bad state if this was God's plan?"

I would suggest to you that our thinking is not God's thinking.  I suggest you do a word study throughout the entire Bible, on the word, "Remnant".

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