Sunday, March 11, 2012

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My vocation has been one steeped in science and engineering.  As such I'm a firm believer in the scientific method.  However, there is a difference between practical (applied) science used in bridge design, for example, and theoretical science, used by egg-heads at universities.  My problem with the latter is that they almost always get it wrong!  Of course, this is how science works.  You postulate an hypothesis, experiment properly, obtain results - adjust your hypothesis!

(At least, it's supposed to work that way!  Unless the scientist has a political agenda - like global warming!)

When we argue about creation vs. science you'll find me on the side of the Creationists.  Not because I don't believe in science, but because, as I said earlier, the scientists keep getting it wrong!  After all, it's hard for scientists to admit God knows more than they do!  : )

Creation Moments is a website created by scientists, to argue scientifically for a Creator.  It's a wonderful site and I highly recommend it.  You can sign up for their newsletter.  Here's a sample:

Today's Creation Moment

Abortion and the Mother's Mental Health

Over the past several years, scientific studies of women have shown that those who have had abortions increase their risks of infertility, breast cancer and other problems. Now, a study released by the Population Research Institute reveals a whole new category of risks associated with abortion.

The researchers learned that among girls from 15 to 18, pregnant or not, for those who have had an abortion, the chance of major depression rises from 31 percent to 78 percent. The same pattern appeared for anxiety, where, for young girls who had had an abortion, the likelihood of anxiety neuroses was doubled. The pattern also showed a doubled rate of thoughts of suicide for girls who had had an abortion as compared with those who became pregnant but had not had an abortion. A similar study of women in New Zealand had the same results. Two studies by the Elliot Institute showed that women who had an abortion were three times as likely as those who had not to be plagued with anxiety and to abuse drugs.

These studies show scientifically that it is time to stop accepting the mental health of the mother as justification for abortion. Researchers find that abortion causes mental health problems; it does not prevent them. More than this, of course, abortion is contrary to God's will because it takes a life.
Lord, I thank You for the gift of life, and I ask that You would turn people's hearts to treasure life. Amen.

Population Research Institute, 20 January 2006, Vol. 8, No. 3
Joseph A. D'Agostino, "Why Think Abortion Good for Anyone?"
The Observer

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