Tuesday, October 08, 2013

What Is the Proper Church/Messianic Synagogue Organization?

Have you ever asked questions in a church or synagogue and all you hear are crickets chirping? Have you ever had a Pastor or Rabbi look at you with disdain and embarrassment as you openly asked for clarification on a biblical question? It's been my way of life, I admit, and it's what drove me to ignore man and read my Bible!

So, in this light, what is a proper church/synagogue setting? Who, exactly, is supposed to be available to answer your questions and discuss the Bible with you? What is supposed to be the role, biblically, of your "Pastor", "Priest", or "Rabbi"?

The fellows at 119 Ministries have done a great job with these questions. The first vid is the teaching, the second is a response to questions. Both vids are wonderful! Study and enjoy, and as 119 likes to say, "Test Everything!"

[Note: video embedment not allowed for these two vids - follow link to watch]

VID 1 : The Church: His Model by 119 Ministries

VID 2 : The Church His Model FAQ  

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