Friday, October 10, 2014

Tis the Season, Now - Not In December!

Sukkot is most likely the time when Jesus was born and "tabernacled" with us. He will tabernacle with us again just after the 2nd Coming. This is the very reason we celebrate the Fall Feasts; to rehearse Teruah (2nd Coming), Atonements (Repentance/Judgment), and Sukkot (Tabernacle with us on Earth). Now is a good time to remind ourselves that celebrating under a green tree has nothing to do with Christ!

Have you ever noticed? September is called the 9th month on our "normal" pagan Gregorian calendar, but "Septe" means 7! October is the 10th month but "Octo" means 8. November is called the 11th month but "Nove" is 9. And, of course, December is the 12th month but "Dece" means 10!

Don't you see how Yehovah's calendar is the original and we have simply gotten away from it by following man, instead of God??
The Observer

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