Thursday, February 01, 2007

Liberals Working Hard To Make South Politically Correct

Southern Culture Under Siege - The Continued Breakup Of American Culture

In his new book, "The Politically Incorrect Guide to the South (and Why It Will Rise Again)," Florida native Clint Johnson exposes the Left's aggressive attempts to destroy the culture and heritage that make up the southern states. What liberals don't realize is that the South is the essence of what makes America unique and original -- everything from rock and roll to barbeque to NASCAR -- can trace its origins back to the South.

The South is under attack because it is the last region of the nation to resist being homogenized into an amorphous mass of people who think alike, sound alike, vote alike, buy alike. Nothing angers politicians, marketers, pollsters, and the politically correct crowd more than a group of people who absolutely refuse to get into line.

The number one myth that the book exposes is that the South is not steeped in racism. The South has many multi-cultural firsts, including the first two Jewish U.S. senators (who both served in the Confederacy.) Virginia elected a black governor 20 years before any northern state did. Today we have more black elected officials than any other region. Despite what Hollywood and the East Coast’s liberal elite want you to think, Southerners are the first to say that slavery was a moral evil.

Slavery is perceived to be exclusive of the South, but slavery was spread through all 13 colonies and beyond. Most slaves came to America on northern slave ships and even decades after importing slaves had been made illegal by Congress, one of the largest and most profitable industries in New York City was outfitting slave ships. Even the impending war between the North and the South did little to slow the slavers operating out of New York City.

... read the entire Interview here. The "North" has long ago given up any pretence of loving and fighting for Freedom. Their GOD has become the Federal Government. Unfortunately, the Southern regions cannot resist this onslaught of political correctness for long. It is being invaded, as we speak, by an Hispanic hegemony, initiated by the Feds.


Lady Hawk said...

The South, Sir, will save America. We are armed with our Bibles and our guns!

Tiger said...

Dear Lady, I'm afraid we have already been infiltrated by those Damn Liberal Yankees! We will simply be one of the last to fall.

: )