Thursday, January 22, 2009

When Does "Good" Become Too Good? When Religious Leaders Become Politically Active!

If you define "bad" as that which is against "good", what is the definition of "bad" done in the name of "good"? It's still bad, of course. All of us have done things we thought were good but, in the end, turned out to be bad.

Didn't the Sanhedrin believe they were doing God's work by killing Christ?

History has another great example of this; "goodness for 'badness' sake". It's called the Dark Ages - and I think we're beginning to head that way again!

When "Church" leaders get worried about society they begin to believe that force will be necessary to regain our ethics and belief systems. In the Dark Ages, the "Roman" Church forced millions into paying indulgences (payments for forgiveness), idol worship (still practiced in the Roman Church), and replacement of God by man (the Papacy). Some paid with their life to deny this AntiChrist movement.

Even after the Protestant Reformation and the "Enlightenment", you could still be hanged (right here in America), for not attending church on Sunday!

This forced mixing of secular law with man-made moral law denies all belief in God. Christianity says that all things are possible with God - it doesn't say all things are possible with man. Even in my lifetime we've had similar laws. Remember "blue laws"?

There exists today an organization to promote this concept of uniform worship behavior. To be fair to them, the Lord's Day Alliance says it does not in any way promote legislation to force worship behavior, however, I believe this sort of activity promotes the trend.

The "Lord's Day" is in fact, the Sabbath. Throughout history and according to the Bible, the Sabbath has always been celebrated on Saturday! Did Peter and Paul go to church on Sunday? No, that was a pagan celebration day! Are all Jews wrong concerning the Sabbath? No, It was man who changed the celebration day, not God.

You may argue this is a small point. But I ask you; is the 4th Commandment to be considered a small point? And if it is, which of the other nine is also small?

So please, help me by paying attention and looking for actions by our political and religious leaders to enforce "religious" behavior by law. Something tells me the Obama administration is a perfect foil for this effort.

BTW, the good book calls this kind of man-made force; "the Mark of the Beast"!

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