Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Pagan Rome Is Enough To Deal With - Now, It's The Communist Christians!


Jesus Loves Global Taxation?
By Mark D. Tooley

Activists at the World Social Forum (WSF), having gathered 130,000 anti-globalization activists to Belem, Brazil across 6 days early in February, enthusiastically decided that global taxation is the solution to the economic meltdown.

Meeting annually since 2001, the WSF rallies anti-capitalist crusaders from around the world, fancying itself as the anti-imperialist alternative to the World Economic Forum that meets concurrently in Davos, Switzerland. More specifically, it professes to be an “alter-globalization" movement that resists “exploitative economic globalization” and promotes “value-based forms of social and economic organization.”

Inevitably, the United Nations and the World Council of Churches (WCC) are heavily represented at WSF. Reporting about its role, the WCC enthused that its salivating activists see the economic downturn as a wonderful opportunity to “press for long-overdue, radical reforms.” Indeed, they are already mobilizing for the G20 summit in London in early April.

... Starting in the 1960’s, the WCC embraced Marxism in the form of Liberation Theology, even directly funding armed revolution through its infamous “Program to Combat Racism,” which helped to empower despots like Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe. For the last 20 years, even the WCC has become a little demure about its open enthusiasm for socialism. Instead, it marches in lock-step with anti-globalization militants and intones against “neo-liberalism.” Events like the WSF allow the WCC and other global malcontents to grouse about the free market’s injustices. And the global meltdown allows the WCC more easily to regurgitate old themes of economic grievance.

The Observer

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