Sunday, March 29, 2009

Separating The Light From The Dark

Anger Rising Over Obama Invitation - Obama Notre Dame Invite Stirs Catholic Debate

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- In American Catholicism, it doesn't get much bigger than Notre Dame. So when the university known for its golden dome, "Touchdown Jesus" mural and rigorous academics invited President Barack Obama to speak at its commencement and receive an honorary degree in May, it stoked both pride and anger on campus and nationwide.

By giving a platform to a politician whose record on abortion and stem cell research clashes with core church teachings about human life, the private Catholic school on the plains of northern Indiana renewed an impassioned debate about what it means to be Catholic.

The Notre Dame administration knew it was entering a political minefield. But the intensity of the reaction in the week since Obama accepted demonstrates the depths to which Catholics are divided about how Catholic individuals and institutions should engage politics in a pluralistic society.

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I believe the Remnant Church is in the process of separating itself from the false church. The "Light" is separating itself from the "Darkness". This is simply another in a series of examples. [Tiger]
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