Saturday, August 22, 2009

Introducing A New Web Site - Prophecy Truth

Pastor Doug Bachelor of Amazing Facts has created a new web site pertaining to world events and prophecy. It's called; Bible Prophecy Truth . Here is an excerpt from one of it's subjects:

A New World Order?

"The list of men searching for the elusive all-controlling, one-world government goes on: Charlemagne, Napoleon, Kaiser Wilhelm, and, of course, Stalin, Hitler, and Mao. All of these famous (and infamous) men watched coldly as their grand schemes failed. And even the League of Nations, United Nations, and European Economic Community have all done their part in attempting to establish their own modified versions of the new world order. But we see how even these peacetime organizations fail miserably at bringing people together!"

... "The Bible speaks of a beautiful city called the New Jerusalem, which will be God’s headquarters. It is described in Revelation 21 and 22. The picture these chapters paint is mind-boggling! First, the city is huge. It stands 375 miles on each side! (If placed on this earth, New Jerusalem would cover most of North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland, and parts of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky!)"

... give the site a visit, I think you'll like it!

The Observer

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