Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Voice of the Martyrs Prayer Bulletin

Girl Witnesses Killing
Date: August 12, 2009
Country: Nigeria

A 13-year-old Nigerian Christian has told Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) sources she was forced to watch her pastor's murder by militants of the radical Islamist group, Boko Haram.

On July 26, Mary was in church with her pastor, his brother and an older Christian woman when a group of 50 militants stormed the church. She and her pastor hid as the group killed the pastor's brother and dragged the older woman out of the room. Upon discovering them, the militants cut off the pastor's hand as he held onto Mary. Then they used machetes to hack him to death before setting him on fire. The young girl and the woman were dragged to Boko Haram's compound in Maiduguri, and placed in a room with about 100 Christian women and girls. They were all asked to renounce their faith or face continued imprisonment, while Christian men were given the choice of renouncing their faith or dying. After four days, Mary managed to escape with a few others when military forces attacked the compound.

Please Pray!

Boko Haram seeks the imposition of Shariah law throughout all 36 states of Nigeria. Reports state their leader, Ustaz Mohammed Yusuf, was killed by Nigerian security forces on July 30. Please pray God will foil the wicked plans of this terrorist group so they will come to nothing. Pray God will strengthen and comfort Boko Haram's victims and their families and help them to stand firm in the face of adversity.

VOM supports hundreds of Nigerian pastors who have been persecuted but still live to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our ministry also offers food, clothing and medical aid to Nigerian Christians who are attacked by Muslim extremists.

Note: the girl's story was collaborated by evidence and other witnesses. VOM, Voice of the Martyrs, is a well-established, respected, international support group for Christian Martyrs - Tiger


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