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The Worldwide Aggression Against Christianity Continues Into 2010

And, It's Growing And Accelerating

From The Voice of the Martyrs

Muslim Violence Ongoing

  • Date: December 02, 2009

  • Country: Egypt
Muslim rioters looted and burned Coptic Christian businesses on Nov. 23 in the village of Abou Shousha, according to Assist News Service (ANS). The Middle East Christian Association (MECA) reported that at least three large Coptic stores and a pharmacy were looted and burned.

According to a story by Mary Abdelmassih for the Assyrian International News Agency, "The terrorized Coptic inhabitants of Abou Shousha have stayed indoors; their shops are closed and their children are being kept out of school. They fear a repeat in their village of the Muslim violence which engulfed the nearby town of Farshoot less than 36 hours earlier. It is estimated that over 80% of Coptic businesses have been destroyed in Farshoot."

The violence in Farshoot was prompted by reports that a 21-year-old Copt had violated a 12-year-old Muslim girl on Nov. 18. Many Copts believe the incident is being used by Muslims as a pretext for violence against them. [end VOM comments]

Contrary to what the U.S. State Department publishes, Egypt is not an American friend and certainly not a friend of Christians. Fundamentalist Sharia Law has managed to secure an iron grip on the throat of Egyptian society and government. Christians, especially Coptic Christians, are mercilessly persecuted.

According to V.O.M.'s Global Report 2010, Egypt is a Restricted Nation; that is, a nation where "government policies or practice prevents Christians from obtaining Bibles or other Christian literature". RN's also "sanction circumstances or anti-Christian laws which lead to Christians being harassed, imprisoned, killed or deprived of possessions or liberties because of their witness".

… As we begin 2010 we must be aware of the fact that Christians are persecuted around the world – even in the U.S. At the same time we must remember that their are Muslims who do not subscribe to Sharia Law and do not agree with the radical elements of Islam.

Christian witnessing is now forbidden on the campus of Georgia Southern University. Universities were once known as institutes of great learning. Differing ideas were discussed and argued over with the sole purpose of finding a simple truth that one could grasp and hold on to. Now, they are becoming bastions of Fascism and anti-Liberty.

When Benjamin Bloedorn showed up at the campus' "free-speech" zone to distribute gospel tracts and discuss Christ with students; "... officers associated with Georgia Southern said basically that he could either keep quiet, stop talking about Jesus, or be arrested - while he was trying to confer with the officers about this, they decided to arrest him ..."

Atheist Groups Start Billboard Campaign

First of all, I'm very much for the right to free speech and it's terrific that these groups are using billboards, buses, truck sides and other venues to present their "beliefs"! What I'm puzzled about is that they don't seem to be in favor of religious groups publicly expressing their beliefs! While our U.S. Constitution provides for the freedom of religion, some of these groups want freedom from religion. Christmas day seems to especially bother them.

For myself, Dec. 25th is meaningless as the date for Jesus' birth. All studied Christians know that Dec. 25th is a pagan holiday. It's the day celebrated for the birth of Jesus because the Roman Church made it so with it's syncretistic blending of pagan worship and Christianity many centuries ago. I would prefer we Christians celebrate some day in September; a time more realistic for Jesus' birth. However, the good book says not to worry over such things (Col. 2: 16,17). That's why I think it's perfectly fine to celebrate Christmas in December or any other month! It's always been strange to me that some Christians argue over celebrating Christmas on Dec. 25th (the birthdate of the pagan god Tammuz), but don't think the Sabbath is Saturday! The same Christians think it's perfectly fine to get up early on Easter, face the east and say a prayer to the rising sun! And, some of you Atheists always bring up the fact that the Winter Solstice is celebrated on Dec. 25th.

Question please: Are you Atheists pagans or just anti-Freedom? I don't know because your message is confusing.

What I'm really asking the Atheist groups to do is; be consistent. If you're going to attack the public worship of Christ on Dec. 25th, then do the following as well:

- demand that labor unions not allow their members to have Christmas day off.

- demand that our representatives in Congress and employees in all government agencies work on Dec. 25th.

- demand that the U.S. government stop sending Ambassadors to the Vatican. That in itself is government recognition of a national religion. Do we have Ambassadors to the Baptist Church? No ... , then why have Ambassadors to the Catholic Church?

Do you understand, Atheists? Please be consistent!
Also, I ask those Christians who still believe in only 9 Commandments to reconsider the 4th. It was man who changed a Commandment of God. Can't you understand how wrong that is? The "mother" church actually removed a Commandment and changed the numbering. I can't ask Atheists to be consistent if we're not! Christians need to ask themselves a question; do you worship man or GOD?

"Christians" In the False Church

Christians who study their Bibles know that the great enemy of Christianity in the end time is; Christianity! The False Church, the great Whore, will persecute real Christians more than the pagans and Atheists. Most of us know that some Christians ordain gay ministers, molest children, deny their priests marriage and work closely with governments to influence legislation. These "Christians" are part of the False Church.

The "Rev." Tim Jones, an Anglican priest, recently told his congregation it's OK to shoplift from large nationally known stores. Perhaps the "Pastor" has never heard of the 8th Commandment? It's amazing that we have such loons as "men of the cloth"! Yikes! What am I saying? Some priests say it's OK to worship idols! Come out of her, my friends, come out of her! (Rev. 18:4)

And Last But Not Least, We Have the Ultimate, Comical Example of A False Messiah

In Politiken, Denmark's largest newspaper, it was announced that President Barack Hussein Obama is; "greater than Jesus".

... folks, you couldn't make up better stupidity if you tried! Literally, for God's sake and yours; stay connected to the only truth that means anything these days - Biblical Truth. It will be your anchor as the world continues to go insane. Welcome to 2010.

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