Thursday, November 22, 2012

Two For Thanksgiving - Grace vs. Law and the Pope admits "mistakes"

I am so grateful on this Thanksgiving day! Paul Nison speaks truth in this video. Please listen and read/study for yourself.

And in other news, Pope Benedict has made public announcements that should be on the front page of every newspaper! Don't you wonder why it's not?

The Vatican has proclaimed that the "Christian calendar is based on false premises" - nothing new here! Rome bastardized the calendar long ago!

The Vatican has proclaimed that Yeshua's birth date may have been "miscalculated". Really? We have known that for over two-thousand years! It's the Church that has mislead us on this account. Yeshua was most likely born during Sukkot, in September, btw. (2 B.C. +/-)

The Vatican has also proclaimed: "contrary to the traditional Nativity scene, there were no oxen, donkeys or other animals at Jesus' birth". That's it Vatican, try to keep up with the truth! That birth during Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles, probably means Yeshua was born in a Sukkah, a booth, a tabernacle. No barn, no animals, and no 3 Wise Men! (they came later!)

And most surprising of all, and the main reason why this news should be on every front page is: "The idea that Christ was born on Dec. 25 also has no basis in historical fact", that it is, "probably linked to pagan traditions and the winter solstice" !!!

Folks! The Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican, the Pope himself, appear's to be admitting they have, ahem, made some errors along the way!

Now, Benedict has to correct the Easter mistake, the worshipping idols mistake, the 10 Commandments mistake, and, don't forget - the Sunday worship mistake!

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