Sunday, December 09, 2012

Do You Chanukah?

Do you think Christians should celebrate Chanukah? I do, and I also believe this festival of lights, this dedication (re-dedication) of the cleansing and reopening of the Second Temple is as important to Christians as it is to Jews!

If you have never heard the story of the Maccabees and their struggle against Antiochus then maybe you should investigate it. All you have to do is find an Apocrypha and read Maccabees 1 and 2. Here's another useful link. You may also read about this in Daniel, Ch. 8, Ch. 11.

Now, be aware please! The books of the Apocrypha ARE NOT to be considered canon. However, the two books of Maccabees have been proven to be great historical documents. I'm certainly not recommending you read the other books.

Yeshua-Jesus is indeed the Light of the World! The candles lit during Chanukah only reinforce this truth . John Ch. 10 speaks of Jesus returning to Jerusalem to celebrate Chanukah after He has just given the "wot for" to the Pharisees. If this holiday was good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for me.

Here is a video with a song sung by Marty Goetz. I met Marty in a small Messianic Synagogue where I live. He gave us a wonderful spirit-filled concert. The song is beautiful, but please pardon the one image of the Christmas tree. I think Mr. Goetz is simply trying to be inclusive.

As most of you know, I do not celebrate Christmas any longer, though I was raised with this tradition. However, it is indeed a noble and worthwhile thing to celebrate the birth of our Saviour! I'll celebrate this during the Feast of Tabernacles where it's more appropriate and without all the pagan trappings. I have learned that Dec. 25th. is the single most important day of the year for pagan sun worship. To make this day a "holiday" (Holy Day) is an abomination, as Richard Rives explains in this video.

So, Happy Chanukah to all of you!

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