Friday, October 27, 2006

Losing His Religion?

"WASHINGTON – White House press secretary Tony Snow today apologized for any misunderstanding he caused by characterizing as "nonsensical" a question from WND White House correspondent Les Kinsolving about a possible pardon for two Border Patrol agents sentenced to prison for shooting a drug smuggler. "

"Snow indicated he has been getting a lot of heat from radio talk-show hosts and angry Americans over his comment."

... you're backing the wrong horse, Tony ...


Lady Hawk said...

I really had faith in Mr Snow. It is disconcerting that he is losing his common sense.

2164th said...

Years ago I used to listen to Les Kinsolving on a talk station from Philadelphia. He is a smart guy who suffers fools rather unwell.

Tiger said...

Yes, Kinsolving is one of those good "characters". A perfect "knight errant" for Farah's purposes at WND.

Tony Snow, however, seems to find difficulty in balancing what the administration wishes to discuss and the obvious shoes dropping all around it.

allen said...

Yesterday, Mr. Snow looked ridiculous and implausible trying to give the Vice-President unsolicited cover for the patently obvious “water boarding” comments.

The Vice-President was correct and Mr. Snow and the White House were, as usual, wrong.

If Mr. Snow is an honorable man, he will have to resign, sooner than latter.