Tuesday, May 22, 2007


What is America's Dangerous Future?
by Frosty Wooldridge
Posted: 05/22/2007

In tomorrow's America of suffocating political correctness and clashing cultures, unrestricted immigration will prove a merciless weapon of war. It's importing conflicting languages, barbaric rituals such as female genital mutilation, deadly diseases like tuberculosis and leprosy, cultural antagonisms and loss of a cohesive national identity. California is our national harbinger of things to come. It is called Third World Momentum.

California citizens die in emergency rooms because hospitals suffer an onslaught of immigrants who can't pay. Because of no family planning in their countries of origin, this endless line of immigrants is pushing us toward 200 million added people vying for diminishing resources past the mid century. For starters, how about a glass of water in the drought prone West?

This is not about race, creed or color. It’s about too many people and an unsustainable society in the long term. It’s about accelerating unsolvable problems. Minimum population projections add four to five million people to every state in the union. California will add 20 million. Can your state add millions of people without horrific consequences? It’s important that you enter this accelerating debate on our nation’s future.

What is at stake? Our children, the viability of our nation and our way of life. It’s about law and order along with citizenship. In short, it’s about America. It’s about you.

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