Thursday, September 06, 2007

Farmers Mull Replacing Illegal Workers With Robots

We have Politicians and Others declaring that Americans simply won't do some jobs. Supposedly, these jobs are for illegals only; modern slaves who come to our country for a better life. I'm here to tell ya - ALL OF THOSE POLS ARE LIARS!!!

I started work at the age of 5 earning 25 cents an hour toting tobacco. It bought my shoes and school clothes. I never saw a check or money payment - it went directly to my mother - dad had left in a drunken rage long before. Still, I knew that with hard work and belief in something greater than I, I could do better; much better! A marriage of 27 years+, two beautiful children, two episodes of skin cancer and a bad heart after 50+ years does not make me bitter - it makes me blessed!

The Illegals coming to this country are not being offered a better life - as I was. They are SLAVES, slaves of a corrupt system.

The great Equalizer IS NOT DEATH - IT"S TECHNOLOGY!

LOS ANGELES — With authorities promising tighter borders, some farmers who rely on immigrant labor are eyeing an emerging generation of fruit-picking robots and high-tech tractors to do everything from pluck premium wine grapes to clean and core lettuce.

Such machines, now in various stages of development, could become essential for harvesting delicate fruits and vegetables that are still picked by hand.

The fallacious illegal immigrant argument is self-evident. "Doing jobs Americans won't do" has absolutely nothing to do with it - but CHEAP LABOR has everything to do with it! Technology growth has always outpaced the need for cheaper and cheaper labor and always will. Instead of being a means to progress, supplement income and get ahead; as these jobs were in the past, they've become a vehicle for dramatically increasing profit for a select special interest! The POLS, the men who make this kind of deal, are a collection of the most sordid, scum of the earth kind we have - and that is the great shame of it all!

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