Friday, September 07, 2007

President Jump Starts Guest Worker Program

Its amazing how soon the American people forget. Its also incredible how easy it is to pull the wool over our eyes. After all the brouhaha over illegal immigration, President Bush initiates a guest worker program right under our noses and no one seems to mind!

While its popular to dismiss worries over Mexican truckers entering our southern border as a "labor union" issue, in reality its a partial implementation of the SPP at its "sneakiest".

Here's why:

Canadian truckers have no limitations upon entering the U.S. from the northern border. This has been the case for many years. In fact, their trucks are given a cursory "security check" and then quickly dispatched. Mexican truckers were not given that "status" for obvious reasons; concerns over safety, weapons, drug and human smuggling; etc, being the main problems. Now, President Bush has fast-tracked the Mexican trucks, but unlike the Canadian truckers, the Mexican drivers are going to be given work VISAS! These VISAS will last 6 months and be renewed indefinitely.

Bush finally has his guest worker program, albeit a small one. This effort of his will grow and the American people will happily go along their way, ignoring it all.

"Mexico does not end at its borders. ... Where there is a Mexican, there is Mexico." - Mexican President Felipe Calderon, in his state of the nation address at the National Palace Sunday

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