Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Phone Etiquite

Rules for the phone.

How ALL business phones SHOULD be answered!


Press "1" for English.

Press "2" to disconnect until you learn to speak English

And remember only two defining forces have ever

Offered to die for you,

Jesus Christ

And the American Soldier.

One died for your soul, the other for your freedom.


Lady Hawk said...

Dear Mr. Tiger:
Excellent BLOGS as usual.
I am about to return to teaching after a wonderfully restful summer vacation.
However, I feel more pessimistic about teaching American literature this year. I try HARD to point out what the original plan for freedom in America was and allow students to read and form their own opinions on what is being done today with hate speech laws and politicians giving America away.
I see myself more as a deprogammer than a teacher. Most students don't care or do not understand. Their IPODs and cell phones are all they are concerned about. Whoc ares that global arming is a natural not man-made process, or that liberals are destroying freedom of speech and taking away protection against sexual predators using the ACLU and other organizations.
I have to remind myself that God is in control.
Still, it is hard to renew one's faith in a country that gives more rights to felons and celebrities instead of enforcing equal justice. It is hard to be hopeful in our "leaders" when a so called Christian president, lies and supports his wrong-doing friends rather than the American Constitution. My despair continues as I see democrats as marxists and republicans are becoming democrats. At least BLOGS show the despair is widespread with thinking, conservative American patriots. Discouragement is the strongest tool of the devil and it is hard to fight against. My hope and prayers are that we find and elect strong, responsible, patriotic leaders.

Tiger said...

Yes, Lady Hawk, I truly wish the news concerning the G.W.O.T., Society, our Leaders and our general "future" weren't as depressing as it appears to be.

The President can't do anything correct (unless kicked there by the political "Right"), military leaders seem to be inept at all they do (while brave boys and girls die), the U.S. Senate and House (Dems and Repubs) care more about their political and financial fortune than their own country, Liberals assault societal institutions on a daily basis with the apparent promotion of evil, our borders (and thus our sovereignty) remains under attack by a law-ignoring President and government (money trumps everything); the list goes on and on! Even poor Tony Snow (GOD Bless him), a man well liked and respected has become almost an allegorical representation of a dying administration.

Staying optimistic with such news is hard. It’s become a “GOD-loving discipline”, a faithful devotion of hope, as you imply. We must continue to keep the faith.

Good luck, this school year, with the kids, and much thanks to you for trying so hard.

Ursula said...

Lady Hawk and Tiger:
I too empathize with the despair of the greatest nation ever being destroyed by her leaders. I get my dander renewed by thinking about times in the past when evil seemed to be winning. I especially find Gandhi most inspirational.
The war for America to remain free isn't over yet! It's getting to be time to kick some tails-most of which belong to Democratic liberals. These tails are hard to find because of the lack of back bone they are attached to.
Thank you Lady Hawk for being a teacher. It takes a special hero to be a teacher.
Thank you Tiger for being a patriot.

Tiger said...

Ursula, thank you for the kind words!

Yes, Gandhi is a grand example. And, we are in deep trouble. We have to keep up the "good" fight in any case.

Thanks so much for the visit.