Thursday, October 04, 2007

This Is For All You 'Phony Soldiers' Out There

Pretend to be all you can be
By Ann Coulter

... Liberals are hopping mad because Rush Limbaugh referred to phony soldiers as "phony soldiers." They claim he was accusing all Democrats in the military of being "phony."

True, all Democrats in the military are not phony soldiers, but all phony soldiers seem to be Democrats.

If we are to believe the self-descriptions of callers to talk radio and the typical soldier interviewed on MSNBC, the military is fairly bristling with types.

The reality is quite the opposite. While liberals have managed to worm themselves into every important institution in America, from the public schools to the CIA to charitable foundations, they are shamefully absent from the military.

In addition to famous fake soldiers promoted by the anti-war crowd, like Jesse MacBeth and "Winter Soldier" Al Hubbard, even liberals with actual military experience are constantly being caught in the middle of some liberal hoax.

Al Gore endlessly bragged to the media about his service in Vietnam. "I took my turn regularly on the perimeter in these little firebases out in the boonies. Something would move, we'd fire first and ask questions later," he told Vanity Fair. And then we found out Gore had a personal bodyguard in Vietnam, the most dangerous weapon he carried was a typewriter, and he left after three months. Although to his credit, Gore did not put in for a Purple Heart for the carpal tunnel syndrome he got from all that typing.

Speaking of which, John Kerry claimed to be a valiant, Purple Heart-deserving Vietnam veteran, who spent Christmas 1968 in Cambodia -- until he ran for president and more than 280 Swift Boat Veterans called him a liar. We've been waiting more than 20 months for Kerry to make good on his "Meet the Press" pledge to sign form 180, which would allow the military to release his records.

Then there was Bill Burkett, who gave CBS the phony National Guard documents; Scott Thomas Beauchamp, The New Republic's fantasist anti-war "Baghdad Diarist"; and Max Cleland, whose injuries were repeatedly and falsely described as a result of enemy fire.

Liberals will even turn a war hero like Pat Tillman into an anti-war cause celebre posthumously -- so he can't disagree. Tillman died in a friendly fire incident that occurred -- unlike Max Cleland's accident -- during actual combat with the enemy.

Because they are screaming, hysterical women, liberals treat friendly fire like a drunk driving accident. But friendly fire has been a part of war from time immemorial.

Liberals have an insane, litigious view of the military: There's been an accident in warfare, let's sue! It's as mad as the line from "Dr. Strangelove": "Gentlemen! No fighting in the War Room!" Golly jeepers, accidents can't happen in a war!

... In his book "Faith of My Fathers," John McCain describes how demoralized American prisoners of war in Vietnam were when they didn't hear any bombing for years. Finally, after a long bombing halt, Nixon renewed aerial bombing of North Vietnam in December 1972.

Our bombers couldn't know with precision where the enemy was holding (and torturing) our troops. McCain and the rest of those POWs could easily have been hit and killed by an American bomb.

But the POWs weren't denouncing the U.S. military for risking their lives with "friendly fire." They weren't crying Mommy, investigate this! Get me a trial lawyer! If their camp had been hit by American bombs, it would have been as the POWs were shouting: "God bless President Nixon!"

That's from their own mouths; that's what's in their hearts. Friendly fire -- to a nation that hasn't lost its wits -- is part of waging war.

If Democrats don't want to hear about "phony soldiers," maybe they should stop trying to edify us with these bathos-laden hoaxes.


Lady Hawk said...

Dear Mr. Tiger:
obama not wearing a flag pin? hillary so far ahead she no longer hides her marxism? oh what a time of terror it is in this country. God help us and save us!

Tiger said...

Lady, as I'm sure you already know, none of us knows the mind of GOD! All these "troubles" MAY be happening for HIS purpose!?!

Some folks think this means GOD is causing the trouble. No, I don't believe that. We're causing our own trouble.

Not to frighten anyone; but, it's going to get much worse! Look at television, films, arrests of child molesters almost every day, cruel murders, terrorism, queer and lesbian activities, Marxist education in public schools, the government selling our interests to the highest bidder - it goes on and on and on!

If you've lived long enough you realize society is in fact getting worse and at an accelerated pace! Stay cool, stay safe; do your best to elect officials who think like you. And above all, remember GOD in all things. I have a lot trouble with that one myself!

Tiger said...

I forgot to mention:

In other words, the TREND of America AND Americans is toward Socialism/Marxism. If the PEOPLE don't want Freedom it will go away. That's why "we're" dismissing GOD.

2 Corinthians 3:17

Teresita said...

TIGER: If you've lived long enough you realize society is in fact getting worse and at an accelerated pace!

On the contrary! The standard of living throughout the world is going up. Lifespans are at an all-time high. Infant mortality is at an all-time low. Even the poorest American lives in such luxury that the noblest Roman citizen never imagined. Clean water, hot and cold, is delivered at the turn of a spigot. Waste water is taken away without a thought. Air travel whisks millions of people between continents in mere hours. All of history's accumilated human knowledge is available to the humblest child at the click of a mouse. Our wealthiest citizens are devoting their retirement years to bringing Africans out of despair.

Tiger said...

Hi "T"! Thanks for the visit.

All I can say is; "Man does not live by bread alone" : )

Teresita said...

Tiger: All I can say is; "Man does not live by bread alone"

"I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst." -- Jesus

Tiger said...

Amen! Sister! : )

You're correct, BTW, to say some things have improved.

I used to have long conversations with my father-in-law, a WW2 Navy veteran, about historical changes in America. He loved the fifties. For him, it was a time of the "real" America, white shirts, black pants, white socks, and always a tie; black, of course!

I've always described the fifties as a time of innocence and ignorance. Yes, life was good in many ways back then, but blacks couldn't drink from the same water fountain as me either!

Spiritually speaking, the overall trend seems to be downward. We're much better materially but worse spiritually, it seems. That's my impression anyway.