Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Another Piece Of The Puzzle

Make Israel Part of NATO

In an effort to establish more effective deterrence in the face of Iran's race to obtain nuclear weapons, government ministries are, for the first time, working on drafting a position paper that will include guidelines and a strategy for turning Israel into a full-fledged member of NATO, The Jerusalem Post has learned.
The paper is being drafted by an interministerial committee made up of representatives from the Defense Ministry and the Foreign Ministry and headed by the National Security Council. The committee plans to complete the paper by the end of February and present it to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert for approval.

.. slowly, but surely, we're combining forces. The forces of good vs. evil? To what end? ... Perhaps a great battle!


Lady Hawk said...

This is the best news I have heard in a long time! Up with NATO down with the un!

2164th said...

Damn, I was calling for that when I first posted at the BC. I thought at the time Israel being part of the EU and Nato would be the only way to guarantee the stability and permanence of Israel in the mind of the Islamists.

2164th said...

Just looked it up. That was in the golden age of the Belmont Club!

2164th said...
Trish, previous post
Danmark is a Nato member, small and useful. Much more useful being part of Nato. Israel has no where to go by itself. It needs to be part of something and useful. Nato will do it because like it or not, Israel has no friends in the ME, and not on the way to get any. Nato can use Israel because Nato has a problem with Islam regardless of their state of denial. The immediate problem is Iran. Israel in Nato can put a shot over Iran's bow telling them they ain't getting any part of Israel, nor will they win against Nato. This wouuld be a huge diplomatic coup for Israel and Nato. I have no illusions that the Bush administration is the least qualified to pull it off, but the possibility is there.

7/29/2006 07:26:20 PM

Tiger said...

It would a tremendously good move. Hopefully, it will be done, but the PC'ers will see it as too "provocative"!

I can even see the Bush admin arguing against it.

Tiger said...

Lady, let's hope it happens!

We will never rid ourselves of the U.N. under the Bush administration, however. John Bolton was a figurehead appointed to "appear" strong, but go along with the U.N.

Bush has to appoint another patsy now.