Sunday, January 28, 2007

I'm Seeing Pink Elephants!

The Breakup Of The Republican Party Has Begun

Many state Republican parties have a serious split between conservatives and moderates. However, the split in the Kansas GOP is particularly heated and nasty. Recently, this split became quite visible when former Kansas GOP chair, Mark Parkinson, ran on a ticket with a Democrat Lt. Governor.

... I've been too "Right" for the Republicans for many years now. That "illness" is spreading! G.W. Bush has taken the Republican Party so far Left that not many true conservatives want to remain anymore. Any "good" the President has done in his term has occurred because his constituents were kicking him so hard to the right he had to go that way. The recent "Surge" is the latest example. Unfortunately, Bush has almost two years left. He can do a tremendous amount of damage in that time frame!


2164th said...

The Republican Party thought it was more important to be Republican instead of standing for what are supposed to be Republican values. We were hoping for another Reagan and got another LBJ. I am afraid that short of the Democrats imploding, and that is always possible, a new Republican Party will not be what it could have been. That is too bad.

Tiger said...

Yeah, the Repub Party won't actually break up, of course. Just as Clinton took the Dems to the "Center", and the Howard Dean bunch returned it to the "Left"; Bush has taken the "Right" Repubs and moved them to his idea of the "Center"; which is the "Left" for you and me. What will happen is that all Repubs who were "conservative" will simply stay home and not vote, or their vote will be split amongst others.

A great mass of unsatisfied Americans has been building for a long time. The great silent majority...

Just look at the "Trends". I think they show the country headed Left. The Repubs know this and are trying to stay alive. DR said it; Americans are a people that love winners, but when the chips are down they hide in the dark with the "loser" leader. If Bush had taken a strong approach with the W.O.T. the American people would have continued their patriotic fervor, as was the case just after 9-11. Instead, Bush took the cautious, PC approach; more true to his nature.

We can only hope a new leader will rise up. Someone who remembers what we should still believe in. If it doesn't happen, the Trend will continue to head us towards destruction.

Buy more guns, Deuce. I can only pray I'll protect my family for awhile.