Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Terrorist "Surge" In The Global War On Terror

HIGH-RANKING figures in the Jemaah Islamiah organisation have opened a new front in their terror campaign on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, where nine of their fighters and a police officer have been killed in the latest gun battle.

Terrorism experts say dormant Java-based cells of the organisation appear to have been reactivated by US and Australian-trained anti-terror squad attacks on militant strongholds near the Sulawesi town of Poso, 1700 kilometres east of Jakarta.

They say the violence in Poso during January has caused a dangerous escalation of what radical Islamic militants see as their jihad, or war, against non-Muslims in the mainly Muslim country of 210 million people.

... Our devoted and courageous soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines have done a superb job fighting the GWOT; when they've been allowed to fight, but our leaders still don't have a clue. The enemy is based worldwide, not just in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are based in Detroit, Michigan; Florida, Indonesia, Australia; everywhere there are Muslims. This gross failure to recognize the enemy and to work closely with our worldwide allies in an organized and determined way will be our downfall unless we begin to elect leaders that understand the multiplicity of implications the GWOT presents. Unfortunately, many Americans don't understand any of this either.

History has had few moments when such a vast chasm of ignorance has presented itself. At these times people yearn for a solid leader; and this is exactly when a tyrant grabs power!


Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about the long, wide open border with Mexico. The wide open door to anyone with the stamina to cross a desert. Like the desert people; Arabs.

Terror is up around the world as the Islamists have convinced people that the US is waging a holy war. (Never mind the fact that the Islamists are actually doing that.)

We're living in la la land if we think terror won't strike here in the US. I'm sure there are literally thousands of Muslims right here who will take up jihad when the time is right.

24 (the tv show) has been interesting so far this season. Like last season or even more so, they have had Muslim terrorists committing a series of suicide bombings around the country. In the White House a debate goes on about whether to start mass detainment and deportation of Muslims. Now a small nuclear device has been detonated.

Sound far-fetched?

Tiger said...

I love to watch 24! The Tigress can't take it, though. She gets too "upset" and nervous; the show done in its anticipating moment-by-moment way.

Many of the scenarios presented are not far-fetched. The Jack Bauer character is unrealistic but Sutherland makes him very human and "believable".

Our tentative manner in fighting the GWOT will result in such scenarios, I believe. Look at what we're putting up with now!

-Illegal Imigration

-Lawmakers creating laws that control whether we can spank children

-PC run amuck. You can't tell the truth without being labelled as something. This the purest form of FASCISM yet we love it!

Yes, these things will come to pass...

... unless we change!