Monday, January 08, 2007

Vatican/City Of Rome Lights Up Colosseum - For Saddam Hussein!

Just Reported!

Neil Cavuto, Fox News, just reported that "Rome" officials lit up the Colosseum in Rome in remembrance of Saddam Hussein!

"Father" Jonathan, a FOXNEWS "consultant" just confirmed, live, on air, that the city of Rome lit up the Colosseum in to pay homage to Saddam Hussein. A Vatican official condemned Saddam's execution!

... more to come, as it becomes available! ...

... if this true - then the ROMAN "CATHOLIC" CHURCH IS FINISHED!



whit said...

Father Jonathan says the City of Rome (not the Vatican)lit up the Coliseum for Saddam.

Tiger said...

Yes! I just corrected that - thank you!

Still, it's quite disturbing. The Biblical support for capital punishment is very self-evident. The city of Rome is tightly linked with the Vatican.

"Father" Jonathan has no real rebuttal to Neil's questions and comments.

On the whole this is indicative of the insidious infusion of PC and devotion to your "Secular Religion" as stated in the previous blog entry.

Tiger said...

Also, "Father" Jonathan had no answer to the Vatican's "condemnation" of Saddam's hanging.

The killing of another human is never a "satisfactory" result but in our "imperfect" world it's sometimes necessary.

"Father" Jonathan has NOT DONE the RCChurch a good deed, and neither has the Vatican.

It MAY be a time to consider moving away from the "false church".

Tiger said...

On another note - I do not believe the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH is the "Body of Christ".

The "Body of Christ" is made up of ALL Christians, imperfect though we may be.

Lady Hawk said...

Mr. Tiger,
I was shocked and hurt by this event. Is the Vatican connected to this event? So far there is no proof. Then I thought, what a powerful attack a secular European government is making against a Christian church. Catholics are your brothers and sisters in Christ, Mr. Tiger. Do not throw out the baby with the bath!

whit said...

I has a long comment last night but blogger lost it.

I asked how those condemning capital punishment can argue from a moral perspective. If they claim it's immoral then the question is "By what standard?" Whose morality? Was the death penalty immoral for people of old who were without facilities and resources to jail murderers?

Morality does not change. Laws change but morality does not.

Tiger said...

My visceral reaction to this was the same as when the Episcopal church went homosexual and Druid. Apostacy is apostacy, Lady Hawk.

It would not be me throwing out the baby with the bath - it would be the RCchurch's own doing. I'm just the screaming voice on the sidelines wondering what the "HELL" are they doing.

If you listen to Padre Jonathon's statements on the video it's clear to me he's defending this. GOD knows I'm no Saint and never will be (too much anger) but, I WILL NOT WORSHIP A CHURCH. A CHURCH CAN BE REDUCED TO RUBBLE, LIKE JERUSALEM, BUT IT WILL NOT STOP GOD!


As Whit indicates, morality is morality, truth is truth; no manmade idol will destroy that.