Saturday, January 13, 2007

You've Got To Read This Book!

HT: The Tigress
And The
American Commonwealth
The Influence of Christianity in
Making This Nation
Bishop Charles B. Galloway, D.D, LL.D.
First published in March, 1898, this wonderfully written, historical account of how Christianity is a bedrock of American Civilization has been republished in 2005 by American Vision, Inc. You can find the book at, but will more likely be in stock at . The author also does a terrific job describing Islam - the best I've ever read. Here's an excerpt:
Mohammedanism has produced an enslaved personality. "Its Koran demands intellectual slavery; its harem requires domestic slavery; its state implies and enforces both a religious and a civil slavery." The Koran puts a premium on war, offering the highest rewards to those who slay the greatest number of infidels. Mohammed's cardinal principle, that the end justifies the means, consecrated every form of deception and lying, and encouraged every sort of persecution and violence; commercial confidence is almost unknown, and hence there are few banks and business partnerships. The citizen is a slave of the state; he has no rights to be respected. Mohammedanism is an absolute despotism, the most gigantic engine of intolerance and persecution the world ever saw.
I recommend this book. It will explain why we modern day Americans cannot tolerate Islam.

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