Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Inevitable Democrat Infighting

Nancy and Ted were sitting in a tree ...

"Sen. Edward M. Kennedy's proposal yesterday to require congressional approval for a troop surge was generally dismissed by fellow Democrats, revealing the deep divisions within the party over how to handle the war in Iraq. "

... we have known for a long time that most Dems don't support the G.W.O.T. Now, we're about to see battlelines drawn on funding for the "Surge". Democrats will come out of this smelling bad, real bad ...

... to me, they've had an ANTI-AMERICAN stench on them for many years! Nancy Pelosi, last seen running away from Ted Kennedy while pulling out her hair, will show us if she can handle the Dems or not. Whatever happens, this can only hurt the Dems!

1 comment:

Lady Hawk said...

I'm looking forward to the "cat fights" between nancy and hillary!
Power is a many splendered thing.