Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bush Administration Is Attempting To Side-Step 2nd Amendment!

OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, has proposed new rules that would dramatically effect the storage and transportation of all ammunition, hand-loading components (such as primers), and black and smokeless powders used in reloading and muskets.

All of these materials would be indiscriminately treated the same as high explosives. THIS WOULD MEAN THAT YOU CAN OWN ALL THE GUNS YOU WANT, BUT COULD NOT PURCHASE OR STORE THE BULLETS FOR THEM! This would happen because the proposed rule changes from the Bush administration, would:

- Prohibit possession of firearms in "commercial facilities containing 'explosives'" - an obvious problem for your local gun store. (Remember, ammunition would be declared as 'explosives')

- Require evacuation of ALL FACILITIES containing 'explosives' - even your local Wal-mart - during an electrical storm. (How long would store owners and customers put up with this before all ammo and powder come off the shelves? - Not to mention gun store location? - You can't have that store here!)

- Prohibit smoking and even the possession of flammable mechanisms (matches, lighters, Whit - after he's had that bean burrito!) within 50 feet of facilities containing 'explosives'.

- End shipment of 'explosives' by FedEx, UPS, and all other delivery services. (many gun enthusiasts buy their ammo and primers from Internet sites because it's cheaper)

- A ban on all "spark producing or flaming devices" within any facility containing 'explosives'. (say goodbye to your Gunsmith!)

- A ban on all "cleaning solvent" materials within any facility containing 'explosives'. (almost all gun and metal cleaners contain solvent!)

- Limit display of powder and primers to 21-pound containers and 10,000 primers.

Please go to the OSHA website now, search for Docket Number OSHA-2007-0032 (use Advanced Search) and lodge a complaint/comment about these proposed rule changes! The document explains how to email or fax a comment.


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Lady Hawk said...

Dear Mr. Tiger,
All I can say is "BEAVER"S HOME!"
Too much evil happening too fast.
No one is stopping bush or clinton.
Makes me want to stockpile ammo as much as I can.
Thank you for all of the informative BLOGS.

Tiger said...

Keep it in a cool,dry place, Lady! And don't tell anyone! If they ask; why, my goodness, you would never own a gun!

Meanwhile, go to the range and make sure you're a dead shot!

Nichevo said...

1) Only the Lord watches every sparrow fall. In a government that employs over 3 million you think Pres. Bush signed off on this one personally?

2) As I understand it you're late to the party - already backlash on this has led to a retraction, IIRC. Yay, right? Or would you rather have a casus bitchii?

But keep demanding perfection, by all means, you even-tempered fellows!

Tiger said...

Not at all, Nichevo! I understand completely that G.W. Bush cannot possibly know everything done in his administration by others. And, it's very good to hear a retraction has been made.

Now, has Bush taken action on most of the issues I bring up about him, from the "Right". No, he hasn't!

In fact, most times he's taken a "conservative" path it's because he's been kicked in that direction.

As for a cause to bitch? That's how the American political system works, my friend! They, the political elite, WORK FOR US! Understand that?

With the mistakes G.W. has made - we need to watch him LIKE A HAWK WATCHES A SPARROW!

Thanks for your comments and visit, Nichevo.

Nichevo said...

Are you the tonythetiger who posts on SP, by any chance?!?

Tiger said...

Nope, never heard of him.

Tiger said...

Well, except on a cereal box! : )

Nichevo said...

No? You remind me of a fellow on Well, that's all right, he was very passionate too.

I am a live and let live guy, I have seen enough to be slow to start screaming at people. I find it doesn't always work so well.

And as for OSHA, I know them of old - another agency with a life of its own. What they love/live to do is regulate, regulate, regulate. It's worth noting that the relevant Senate committee is full of all-stars like Kopechne-Killer Kennedy, so a twist that discommodes firearms possession is just gravy for them.

Point is, it's silly to take *this* incident and say it shows Bush is not a conservative. It's true that the White House needs guidance and that enthusiasm such as yours is key in beating back such measures.

I just don't like to burn bridges doing it. As I see it, your way creates enemies. But if I had to beat on somebody, it would definitely at all times be Congress.

Of course democracy may not be my cup of tea. I'm sure things would be better if I were dictator ;>

Tiger said...

Thanks Nichevo, for recognizing that it's passion more so than raw anger. Many people don't understand the difference.

My opinion of G.W. doesn't just rest on this one issue alone. This blog has been around a few years and if you had time you could go through the last 3 years of articles and opinions. I would rather believe that you've paid attention to things as I have during that time, so a revamp of recent history may not be needed.

Like you, I'm assuming, I had great hopes for Bush, voted for him twice, etc. I thought we really had a conservative in the oval office finally. Instead, after a raucus, emotion filled election (I live in Florida) G.W. began to work with the Libs in Congress, Ted Kennedy of all people, not with his Repub party.

He felt as you do, live and let live - these people will work for the common good after all? Right?


My 51 years of life have seen our country get more and more Socialist; more and more government controlled, more and larger, intrusive government; we've gone from prayer in schools and the requirement for all children to have a haircut and be neat and clean to schools where our teachers are queer, anti-American, pro-communist, pro-Islamic and the kids (elementary level) have sex in the bathrooms. I know all this because I've been married to a teacher for 27 years. She's been teaching for 31 now, barely hanging on because she's attacked daily by the left-wingers at school.

Live and let live has solved absolutely none of these problems. It is time for Americans to get even more passionate!

You're correct, this kind of "passion" doesn't create friends. I've already good got friends. WE NEED FIGHTERS NOW!

Tiger said...

Here ya go, Nichevo, try the Elephant Bar. Yes, they take their name from the Repubs, but don't like Bush so much anymore. They may seem more "reasonable" to you.

And, don't forget; get sized for a Sombrero and get the misses sized for a Burqa. G.W. would like that!