Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dead Head Fred - Fred Barnes, That Is! - Kool Aid Drinker Extraordinaire!

Gingrich spokesman Rick Tyler responds to Fred Barnes

In his recent article on immigration, Fred Barnes suggests that the Republican party should not "emotionally" dwell "on the problem of illegal immigration" because, he fears, the GOP will end up "alienating Hispanic Americans, the fastest growing voting bloc in the country." Barnes describes what he calls an "obsessive emphasis," on the "bashing [of]" illegal immigrants by Republicans.

Let's check the sum of his political miscalculation. First, if Barnes is right, then the GOP must subordinate national security to the political concern of not upsetting Hispanic voters. Second, the GOP, according to Barnes, must insist that someone arrested for a felony can not be questioned about his legal status because Hispanic voters would be offended--even if the person was arrested for the rape of a five year-old child, which was the case of the illegal alien who allegedly murdered execution-style three Newark college student and critically wounded a forth.

... Does Barnes really believe that keeping illegal aliens accused of felonies in jail is "overkill," or that condemning an alleged child rapist and murderer who is in the United States illegally constitutes "immigrant bashing?"

The sum of the Barnes political calculation, had he calculated it, would have us open our borders to everyone including drug dealers, criminals, and terrorists. His advice would also have the GOP in support of allowing illegal felons to roam the streets at will to prey upon law abiding Americans.

... with all apologies to friend, Allen; if the Republican Party were building ovens to bake Jews in, Fred Barnes would find a reason to support it! - Tiger

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