Thursday, August 30, 2007

Its Time To Dig Hillary (Well, At Least Her Political Grave)

Skeletons In Her Closet!

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign said yesterday that it would give to charity $23,000 it had received from a prominent Democratic donor, and review thousands of dollars more that he had raised, after learning that the authorities in California had a warrant for his arrest stemming from a 1991 fraud case.

The donor, Norman Hsu, has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Democratic candidates since 2003, and was slated to be co-host next month for a Clinton gala featuring the entertainer Quincy Jones.

... also, Nearly 2 million documents pertaining to Sen. Hillary Clinton's years as first lady — phone logs, schedules, memoranda — are locked up in Little Rock, Ark. It would be completely legal for them to remain under wraps. But voters looking to 2008 can reasonably demand to know what they paid for the last time they sent Mrs. Clinton to the White House. It would very convenient for the junior senator from New York, and a serious disservice to voters, if such a large gap in her public record were to continue through November 2008.

... It is time for Mrs. Clinton to set the standard. Even a candidate with nothing to hide would not seek this electoral wild card. But if "my record" and "Clinton's experience" are to be the watchwords of this particular campaigner, then the public has a clear and compelling right to compare the records against the rhetoric.

... Photo of Mr. Hsu and Clinton from NY Times ...

This sort of "Hillary" problem seems to be a habit. Remember this?


Lady Hawk said...

Dear Mr. Tiger,
I wish I knew who really was responsible for Vince Foster, Ron Brown and others who mysteriously died during the Clinton years. hillary is a Lady Macbeth in my book.

Tiger said...

There's lots to be suspicious of with the Clintons, that's for sure!