Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Trouble With Islam

An Englishman explains Islam; and does it quite smartly!


whit said...

That was good!

2164th said...

Bravo, bravo, brav-effing-O.

Four minutes and fifty seconds of brilliant cutting wit
that should be on every blog on the planet. Undeniable, unarguable unvarnished truth that deserves to be screamed from the roof tops of the ethernet. Hear, hear, bloody good show all that!


joe buz said...

Wow..well said. I would like to buy that guy a pint or two.

Pascal Fervor said...

Thanks for directing me to this 2164th.

Has the Guardian or the BBC printed this brave man's home address yet? They'll surely affect the best guess in the pool his life insurance company is running to help defray their expenses.

Which brings me to how he only obliquely touched on the real problem: "we live in a liberal democracy and therefore have certain double-standards to maintain... which seeks to portray legitimate comment as some kind of hate crime."

How far would any of this nonsense have gotten if it weren't for these fifth columnists, whose hamstringing of frank assessment of the threats and those who are most threatening, aids and abets the enemies of the West? The Left would have us "submit" one way or t'other.

This video is only extraordinary because our "leaders" kowtow to everyone with a "chip on their shoulder the size of a mosque," and to hell with the rest of us.

The video that needs publishing is one that would drive the PC crowd from office. Wouldn't you pay to see that one? I would.

Tiger said...

You guys may want to know what "Pascal" shared with me. You never know what you're getting from Youtube!

Pascal Fervor said...
FYI Tiger.

After I read this post, it's my guess that you probably want to make a further comment about your The Trouble With Islam.

After I wrote my own commentary What Makes This Video Extraordinary? based on your Islam one, a reader brought to my attention that the author, Pat Condell, is a talented but clever anti-theist "comedian" who underplays his role by labeling himself as a simple atheist.

I clicked on the library associated with that video and viewed 12 of his 20 videos. I'm only an agnostic and still came away shaking my head in disgust with the man's dishonesty.

I initially thought of his anti-Islamist video as an act of bravery. Not so much for any frontal attack he might suffer from Islamists, but from a rear attack in the form of Leftist PC backlash that would drag him to court.

However, once I saw how consistently virulent are his anti-theist, mostly anti-Christian, screeds, I realized it provides him immunity from most of the Left. (There apparently was one non-UK and thus non-threatening Leftist attack for that video against Islam.) That is a deference you would never receive from them for a similar video.

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