Sunday, August 12, 2007

Christianity Sucks and Islam is Awesome?

By Doug Giles

Man, don’t cha love how mainstream media and their soft-brain disciples make Christians out to be fish-stickered, bug-eyed equals to incensed Islam? If you were to accept as true what some atheists, secularists and prattling gay activists say about Christians, you’d think the church is chomping at the bit to chop off some heads of unbelievers, glory to Gawd!

Yep, if you were to believe the barf belched out by the BS brokers on the Left, you’d stagger away Kool Aid drunk with the belief that there is little disparity between conservative Christians and militant Muslims.

As a matter of fact, you probably would be bamboozled into believing that Islam is a peaceful, Little House on the Prairie religion being temporarily hijacked by jihadist renegades, and Christianity . . . Christianity is the real charity-vacant, vicious cult that’s vying for the opportunity to seize the whip and whip us good...

-the fact is! -

• Most Muslims do not condemn jihad.

• Christianity and Islam have neither similar traditions nor similar modern realities—Christian religious violence, real or imagined, does not mitigate the reality of jihad.

• A “Christian theocracy” in America is a figment of the Left’s imagination.

• The Islamic world has never developed the distinction between religious and secular law that is inherent in Christianity.

• Christianity has embraced reason—and Islam has always rejected it.

... The Judeo-Christian worldview (and subsequently, the great western traditions it under girds) is the only powerful cudgel in existence to ward off militant Islam. That’s what makes the Left’s lies about Christ’s Church and the Left’s desires to diminish it so diabolical. If the church’s presence and power gets marginalized via these secularists’s anti-Christian propaganda, then all I’ve got to say is, “I hope everyone is cool with wearing burkhas.”


Lady Hawk said...

Sing it, Brother Tiger!
Let the Light shine!

Ursula said...

It is hard for me to be a Christian when I often have violent thoughts against muslims. I guess I am falling into the dark side of the force.
I don't want to give up, but I don't want to give in to them either.

Lady Hawk said...

Sister Ursula,
It's hard to be human, and even harder in these times. Remember in the Bible the sons of Zebedee wanted to call down thunder. I have several times heard people say they want to "kill everyone and let God sort it out." We need to defend ourselves, our families, our friends, our country-but not downright murder. We cannot play God. I think you are a better Christian than you think, because you do think!

Pascal Fervor said...

FYI Tiger.

After I read this post, it's my guess that you probably want to make a further comment about your The Trouble With Islam.

After I wrote my own commentary What Makes This Video Extraordinary? based on your Islam one, a reader brought to my attention that the author, Pat Condell, is a talented but clever anti-theist "comedian" who underplays his role by labeling himself as a simple atheist.

I clicked on the library associated with that video and viewed 12 of his 20 videos. I'm only an agnostic and still came away shaking my head in disgust with the man's dishonesty.

I initially thought of his anti-Islamist video as an act of bravery. Not so much for any frontal attack he might suffer from Islamists, but from a rear attack in the form of Leftist PC backlash that would drag him to court.

However, once I saw how consistently virulent are his anti-theist, mostly anti-Christian, screeds, I realized it provides him immunity from most of the Left. (There apparently was one non-UK and thus non-threatening Leftist attack for that video against Islam.) That is a deference you would never receive from them for a similar video.

Tiger said...

Pacal, thank you for the information. You never know who or what you're getting when you use "Youtube" do ya?