Sunday, August 05, 2007

Gingrich Continues To Highlight Government Missteps

The former House Speaker said he was "troubled by the failure of both major parties" in correctly addressing the issues and problems Americans face. Democrats, said Gingrich, are "trapped in a fantasy world" and the "party of unionized bureaucracy" while Republicans refuse to admit the nature of the systematic failure of big government.

Gingrich cited the example of Detroit - which he had previously discussed on Fox News Sunday - as an indicator of this failure. Detroit epitomizes the failure of the bureaucracy-based approach, he said. The Motor City has lost nearly half its population over the last 60 years. Its residents now have a per-capita income that is ranked 62nd in the nation. In 1950, Detroit ranked first.

Today, only 25 percent of Detroit's high school freshmen eventually graduate on schedule. And a majority of those who drop out of high school, said Gingrich, are likely to end up in jail. "How can we tolerate systems more likely to send people to prison than to college?" he said.

As for President Bush's global war on terror, "none of you should believe we are winning this war," said Gingrich. "There is no evidence that we're winning. ... This is a phony war."

Further, the failure to swiftly detect and deal with the terrorist cell members involved in the planned attack on Fort Dix, and the lawsuit of the "flying imams" against US Airways revealed that "our system is broken," said Gingrich, and that "something is fundamentally wrong."

To defeat the threat of radical Islamists, America must devote more resources to its intelligence, defense and foreign relations services, he said, adding that Web sites and religious services that incite Muslims to commit jihad should be shut down.

... Newt tells it like it really is, and that's why he'll never be elected President.


Tiger said...

Gingrich has placed his finger precisely on the pulse of our problems.

America, in "modern" times, began its slow fall to oblivion starting with FDR's New Deal.

Since that time we have slowly but steadfastly replaced the Jeffersonian concept of government with a Marxist one. Constitutional based entities within government; Interstate commerce, Roads and Bridges, National Defense, etc. will be swallowed up, controlled, and over-burdened by the Nanny State. Both Democrats and Republicans have supported this "conversion". The prevailing “religious philosophy” will be Islam; the “sensible” marriage of church and state. Our military, no longer being a citizen Army, will be the enforcers of the oligarchy, internationally and here at home.

If you're worried about your personal safety in large cities and driving on bridges now, just wait as we "progress" towards the ultimate takeover by the nanny state. Things are going to get much worse.

We will be living in a two-tier society of haves and have-nots. The middle-class will be erased and private property ownership will be decidedly threatened and reduced. The "Capitalists" of this new world will claim it's all for the good. Because after all, the oligarchy running the government will look after us!

Don’t believe all this? Take a good hard look at the Republican Party. It represents and exemplifies everything I’ve said. The Democrats have been this way for many, many years.

Tiger said...

BTW, all of this can be stopped, but it's going to take a great deal of work.

Lady Hawk said...

Dear Mr. Tiger:
My blood pressure has shot up reading all of your BLOGS.
I mentioned earlier how I am pessimistic about teaching this school year. I have already attended a workshop with a "human rights activist" (who works for the school system), and was told to make my teaching "student run" and "student centered". This speaker has a un peace day assembly in the courtyard of her school. We are to use more technology and team building on our classes. God keep me from frothing at the mouth!
It is hard to continually fight a losing battle.
I now understand a much earlier comment about optimistic faith by Mr. Whit, "Not in this world."
There is much frustration by many thinking people that I read on several BLOGS. Hopefully America will feel the impact of this silent majority in time to save her.

Tiger said...

Hang in there, Lady! I know it's rough for a conservative in education.

People think I say all this stuff because of pessimism but actually I'm just sounding the clarion nice and loud!

The American people are extremely slow to awaken and respond, concerning important things, but will discuss all manner of things, as long as they solve nothing and come to no conclusions. (But I still love 'em!)

History validates all these concerns I have. Even a short study of the Democrat and Republican Partys show the "left lean" they've adopted. It can only lead to repeating history already known.