Monday, November 06, 2006

Democrats = Communists, Republicans = Liberals; When Will We Learn?


Lady Hawk said...

Mr. Tyger,
Both your articles show the evil in the world with Europe loving mass murdering dictators and hating babies. Senator McCarthy was right inthe 50's about comminists infiltrating Congress and hollywood. Not only do I see the communists in the democratic party, but also in social studies teachers at high schools. I try to read articles to my students, to deprogram them,but I feel like a voice crying way out in the wilderness. I guess sincere bloggers feel the same.

Tiger said...

... sometimes I think the country moves to the "right", sometimes to the "left".

In my opinion, the contributing factor seems to be the belief in GOD. The more Americans believe in GOD the more we trend to the "right", or stay a steady course in the middle. Of course, this belief must be sincere or the trend will actually roll "left". Going too far "right" is bad, also.

In recent history, the trend has been definitely "left". The Dems do seem to be more "communistic" and Repubs seem to be more "liberal socialist".

...history repeating itself ...because we didn't learn.

Tiger said...

Oh! And the fact that American Communists are helping Dems is no real surprise - that also is historical. It's an appropriate topic for current events, however.