Thursday, November 30, 2006

The "Iraq Muddy Group" Comes To A Consensus - Give Up!

WASHINGTON, Nov. 29 — "The bipartisan Iraq Study Group reached a consensus on Wednesday on a final report that will call for a gradual pullback of the 15 American combat brigades now in Iraq but stop short of setting a firm timetable for their withdrawal, according to people familiar with the panel’s deliberations."

"The report recommends that Mr. Bush make it clear that he intends to start the withdrawal relatively soon, and people familiar with the debate over the final language said the implicit message was that the process should begin sometime next year. "

... I have a recommendation, let's run the Iraq Study Group out of the country. Iran would be the best choice for their "retirement". Next, the pussywillowed Bush administration needs to simply step out of the damn way and let us go finish the job!


allen said...


Certainly, Messrs. Baker and Hamilton would not put it so crudely. No, Sir, their findings were based on lengthy deliberations with the Saudis. The only proposals likely to be implimented under the plan will be those seeking the humiliation of Israel. Dr. Rice was had at work on that this very morning.

Tiger said...

That whole bunch (the Muddy Group) has had questionable carreers as far as I'm concerned.

A "perfect match" for the Bush administration.

allen said...


I thought I would drop in for the cool breeze and the total absence of Bushbots. Things have gotten a bit heated at the old EB. Could have been something I said. May have had something to do with the President.


Tiger said...

I'll have to check it out!

You're welcome anytime, Allen.

It's a shame when you think about Bush. I had so much hope. We started with a conservative Senate and House, and a "conservative" President whom I thought would work to undo some of those things Clinton left us.

... It wasn't meant to be so! I can't imagine the damage Bush could have done if the WOT hadn't slowed him up!

Lady Hawk said...

"...the bulk of the report by the Baker-Hamilton group focused on a recommendation that the United States devise a far more aggressive diplomatic initiative in the Middle East than Mr. Bush has been willing to try so far,..."
We need to talk more????The BH group need to be tried and hanged publicly for treason!

Tiger said...

Easy, Lady!

Don't take out the rope yet!

Men get desperate trying to avoid war. Sometimes they avoid a fight; sometimes it just creates a larger, bloodier fight for the future, and sometimes they cause unintended death. (see next entry)