Monday, November 27, 2006

While The Enemy Learns, We Don't

Or, What The New Dollar Coin Has To Do With Fighting The W.O.T.

"What we have discovered in Iraq is the weakest link in the ability of the United States to sustain military operations overseas. That link is the U.S. media. They are Islamists' best friends."...
"Experience shows that the mainstream press of the United States is alienated from the U.S. military. In addition, the American press is extremely vulnerable to anti-U.S. propaganda. Thus, the American public will be fed nearly everything that foreign adversaries--our band of brothers--wish to feed it about the war."...

"This small band of brothers can defeat the most powerful army in human history. The path, my brothers, is to come to dominate the minds of their public, which they must suppose is supporting them, and in reality turns quite quickly into our best ally."
... weak leadership reacts to bad press, which further deteriorates the public will. Some in the public try to awaken their leaders but they're attention is elsewhere, trying to subdue the bad news - when, ALL THAT’S NEEDED, IS TO SIMPLY FIGHT AND WIN THE WAR AGGRESSIVELY!
... the same scenario is playing itself out here at home, in the domestic arena. We haven't learned that GOD abandons those nations that abandon Him. Therefore, we rush headlong, continually erasing the embarrassing, media-bashed concept of GOD into historical oblivion.

"New dollar coins place 'In God We Trust' along thin edge instead of front or back"

... will we wake up? Can we convince our leaders to revolutionize the very foundations of how we do things? Can we convince them, once again, that winning is good, political correctness is bad, and that "wrong" things need to be "righted"? If we don't, our steady decline will increase in momentum, and the "slide" will be very, very hard to correct. Only a mass upwelling from below will uproot those alseep at the top.


allen said...

"I chosen for myself a remnant of the House of Israel."

There is an old saying, "It is for us to try; it is for G-d to do."

Keep sounding the trumpet!

Lady Hawk said...

Whoever decided to place "In God we trust" on the edge of American coinage is a traitor who deserves to be tried, convicted and executed! In ancient Rome the Plebians rose up (being in the majority) to demand concessions from the Patricians. IT IS TIME!!!!!

Tiger said...

The "M.O.", Lady, seems to be for the "Left" to make small changes that eventually wipe out something they don't like. That way, most Americans don't notice it. I believe the coin change is one such method.

Allen, I'll sound it as long as I can, Brother!