Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Is George Afraid of Moqtada?

Or, how to apply "miracle grow" to Terrorists

"Hezbollah, the Iranian-backed group in Lebanon that warred with Israel this summer, has been training Moqtada al-Sadr's Shiite militia both inside Iraq and in Lebanon, senior White House and intelligence officials confirm.
Somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 Shiite fighters under the anti-American cleric al-Sadr had been trained in Lebanon by Hezbollah, a group also backed by Syria, two unnamed officials told FOX News."
... obviously, this begs the question; why is it, when our fabulous boys in desert tan go after creeps like this, King George gets wet feet? Is it because Moqtada is a beloved religious leader who's demise would ignite the Shiite world into extreme violence? No, that can't be it - the violence is already extreme. In fact, it's part and parcel to their religious beliefs! Is it because our guys aren't tough enough to "track 'em down"? ...Don't be ridiculous!

... ahhh! It may be that King George sees "Mookie" as the next strong leader in Iraq and we're actually enabling his power grab!

... failure to act means playing al-Sadr directly into Iran's hand. The FAILED BUSH FOREIGN POLICY CONTINUES!


Anonymous said...

I hate to say but this whole thing was botched long ago.

Tiger said...

You're right, of course. It's just more "proof for the pudding" (the Hezbollah connection).

I think we understand what it felt like to be alive just prior to WWII, and folks around us just weren't aware that Hitler was a threat.

I've been trying hard to find good news. It's tough to do!

allen said...

For a brief but fecund exploration of Ledeen’s truth telling, read TigerHawk, now.

The trouble with Michael Ledeen

As a treat, you will also see Mr. Ledeen’s comment.

allen said...

All hell may breakout in Lebanon within the next two days. See LGF:
Lebanon on the Brink of Civil War


__Will the US bring armed force to bear to gain compliance with the much vaunted Franco-American UNSC Resolution 1701?
__Will Israel, as advertised, intervene in Lebanon to prevent its subversion by Hezbollah?
__Will Israel do the necessary thing and first knockout Syria on its way into Lebanon?

Tiger said...

Thanks for the link, Allen. It's good to know some "guru" out there thinks like we do. I like Michael Ledeen.

Early on, when we invaded Iraq, I immediately began voicing concern over Syria, Iran, and the region in general - that we had to address this problem with a broader brush. I remember distinctly, at work I was called a nut and warmonger for saying these things.

That's OK though, I'm tougher than people know.

I've been reading TigerHawk, btw, it's a terrific blog!

Tiger said...

Read the piece concerning Lebanon. Surround Israel with radicalism is the idea, I think, as well as spread it throughout the middle-east (as if that's hard to do). In the meantime you get the West to think twice about defending Israel whilst they argue amongst themselves.

... sounds like a plan to me. Our leaders are really being played like a cheap fiddle, aren't they?

2164th said...

Moqtada is in line for a bullet or President of Shiraq.

allen said...


Right on!

The key to Lebanon is Syria. Kill Syria and Lebanon lives. Why we and the Israelis permitted Syria to escape its fate during the last war is inexplicable.