Wednesday, November 29, 2006

How Much Damage Can Be Done In Two Years? - The Bush Insanity Continues

"President Bush said yesterday he will push Congress for a "loosening" of requirements for foreigners to visit the United States without a visa, pitting him against those who have called for the program instead to be tightened or even scrapped altogether after September 11. "

... in a related story, Testing for Citizenship; new exam has the open borders crowd up in arms!


2164th said...

I think Bush has self-infected with BDS

Tiger said...

There's always something, Deuce. BDS, FUBAR, and SNAFU!

allen said...

tiger & Deuce,

And the ever popular Forrest Gumpery - "Stupid is as stupid does."

You just can't make this stuff up.

There is something seriously wrong with the President. Something has snapped.

allen said...


That waterboarding comment over at the EB was cruel, in the funniest possible way. For the rest of my life, the picture you painted will be with me.

Tiger said...

cruel to be kind, cruel to be kind ...

... the "measure" just may be incorrect!

allen said...

H/T once again to TigerHawk for his link to Andy McCarthy. McCarthy has joined our unhappy band of BDS lepers. With a fine scalpel McCarthy methodically flays the administration. This is not to be missed!

Can We Talk?

Should we negotiate with Iran (and Syria)?

“This is a war of will. If we lose it, the historians will marvel at how mulishly we resisted understanding the one thing we needed to understand in order to win. The enemy.”

“This may be the biggest disconnect of all time between the American people and a war government.”

“In the wake of 9/11, the American people did not care about democratizing the Muslim world. Or, for that matter, about the Muslim world in general. They still don’t. They want Islamic terrorists and their state sponsors crushed.”

Wow, McCarthy, like me, sees no logical connection whatsoever between 9/11 and nation building.

Tiger said...

He nailed it!

The same sort of talk is happening right now Rush Limbaugh's show, Paul W. Smith sitting in. It's arefeshing change from all the normal "Monika" behavior of Rush.