Saturday, November 18, 2006

Is Something Good Happening In France?

IVRY-SUR-SEINE, France -- "Decked out in Sunday finery, the chattering line stretches out the door and up a gritty block of warehouses and homes in this working-class Paris suburb. Inside, the congregation at Impact Christian Center sways and chants to gospel music as the first morning service rolls on, way behind schedule. "

"It is hard to believe that this outburst of religious joy is taking place in France, the most staunchly secular nation of an increasingly secular Europe."

... perhaps the Muslims are scaring the French into the arms of GOD?


whit said...

You are on a roll! This is a great piece of news and I would have missed it. Thank you, sir.

Lady Hawk said...

"The Lord works in mysterious ways", and "all things are possible with God"-even French conversion! This is most hopeful because at this point, only God can save europe from islamofascists.

Tiger said...

Yes, Lady, 9-11 did it for us, for a while, and then we forgot. Hopefully, this may be a beginning of awakening for France - AND, A REMINDER FOR US!

2164th said...

Onward Christian soldiers! As a boy I went to Catholic Mass six days a week. It was in Latin.
My mother who was not Catholic, sent me to Baptist Bible School. We sang a very rousing rendition of that old verse, something not done in the Catholic service. It often comes back to mind since 911.