Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"El Rushbo" Finally "Comes Clean"!

... I was among the fans of Rush Limbaugh who thought he had lost his ever-loving mind! We Conservatives knew we had few conservatives in Washington, but Rush supported them day after day. Rush has now taken a refreshing bath! Long time coming, Rush!

... Thanks. But next time - lets work to force the Repubs to awaken sooner, please. I agree with your philosophy, but a Repub has to be a Conservative!


allen said...


In reviewing the "conservative" blogosphere yesterday and this morning, I note a miraculous "Great Awakening" to the faults of the White House. Had these opinion leaders bothered to do their duty, instead of seeking the warm glow of approval (not to mention a visceral hatred of all things Democrat), the President should have been excoriated. Such a reality check administered a year ago might have brought Party reformation.

Great thread! Thanks

Tiger said...

you betcha!

2164th said...

Thanks but no thanks Rush. If you felt that way and pled that way, you led that way. It means you are a party hack, no better than the others. What would you have done and said had the Republicans won?