Friday, December 01, 2006

Continuing To Hire Bad Men

Those folks who know me, understand I'm not a "johnny-come-lately" when it comes to Bush-bashing. Nor do I "bash" because of sheer hatred for the guy, like Liberals do. For a long time now, I've seen attributes in G.W. that bother me. I see them in his brother Jeb, and I saw them in Bush senior. Such men gather around them, men like themselves, so it's no surprise when much ado was made about the appointment of Iraq Muddy Group Co-Chair, James Baker.

"After the invasion of Kuwait, Mr. Baker, intent on securing Arab support for military action against Saddam, traveled to Syria in an effort to woo Mr. Assad, who demanded a free hand to act against Lebanese Christians. One month later, Syrian forces invaded Christian areas of Lebanon, massacred hundreds of Lebanese and consolidated their control over the country. It is no exaggeration to say that many of the problems Lebanon faces today -- with a weakened Christian minority and moderate Muslims up against powerful Islamofascist forces -- are traceable to Mr. Baker's green light to Mr. Assad. "


2164th said...

Tiger, i never understood why we went after the christians in Serbia to help the Albaian Muslims who occupied what was once Christian Kosovo.

allen said...


There is little liklihood that Mr. Baker will ever set foot in Iraqi Kurdistan without a Marine brigade as security.

Your header is, "Continuing To Hire Bad Men". My question would be: "Who Hires Bad Men?" Given Mr. Baker's track record, the only answer can be: "Bad men." While this leaves me open to assault as having BDS, I can live with the shame.

You, Deuce, and Whit are doing great work, often swimming against the current. Never quit!

allen said...



Tiger said...

Birds of a feather, Allen. You're absolutely right about "bad men".

Of course, not wanting to be a hypocrite, if I were President I'm sure I would end up hiring people I thought were good people, but were not. Having BDS also, it does seem that Bush makes a habit of it.

Yes, Deuce, genocide is genocide, and a decent job was done going after the "crimes against humanity" guys, but there did seem to be a prejudice against Serbian Christians.

allen said...

Tiger, I thought you might find this interesting.

For those who have yet to read Chester’s latest, please do so. And, don’t be repulsed by the use of “ecosystem” in the article’s title; neither Al Gore nor Kyoto are mentioned even once. This churning of American policy in Iraq, as it affects the abandonment of a series of clearly failed “policies”, is starting stimulate some first-rate analyses. Chester’s is one several recent products.

A Red Harvest in the "Conflict Ecosystem"

Tiger said...

Thanks, Allen.