Tuesday, December 26, 2006

We Need People To Do The Job Republicans Won't Do

Sen. John McCain remarked once that, "Americans wouldn't pick crops for $50.00 dollars an hour", that they would "refuse to do the jobs immigrants [illegals]will do". Almost immediately his office was besieged by phone calls, letters, and emails asking for that $50.00 an hour job, picking crops.

As someone who was raised in the country and started picking crops at age 5, I can tell John McCain that Americans will do whatever job it takes to get ahead and make a better life than the one they had in the fields.!

... What they won't do - is continue to put up with incredibly stupid politicians!

"On May 25, a few brave souls tried to talk sense to the fanatics who rammed S. 2611 through the Senate. “We will never solve the problem of illegal immigration by rewarding those who break our laws,” said Republican Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina .
The fanatics would not listen, as Texas Sen. John Cornyn observed."
"There seems to me to be a sense of surreality here, where people in the Senate just are not listening to what the American people are telling us," said Mr. Cornyn, another Republican who voted against the bill. "
"The results of the 2006 election have been interpreted many ways by different analysts since Nov. 7, but it could be argued that May 25 was the day the Republican Party doomed itself to defeat. "

"Republican elites couldn’t fool the American worker. Now we’ll see if the Democratic elites are foolish enough to try."


Lady Hawk said...

Mr. Tyger, I wish I could think of republican leaders for 2008. The demomarxists are diabolical-and I mean that literally. Why can't a country like America have better leaders? How can we get America back to it's God-fearing, family oriented roots without as Herbert's "Dune" says "A leader who knows the art of ruling"?

2164th said...

I have often wondered about that lady. how is it possible that we have so reduced the potential presidential gene pool to the point that an ex-crack smoking welfare organizing flimflamobamming hustler gets people thinking he is the man to save the Republic?

Tiger said...

Lady, I think we're still in the, "trying to recover" phase. Recovery , not just for the Repubs but for the entire country. This phase will last a very long time.

Our institutions need to be rebuilt, our leadership "training" facilities refurbished, etc. Our entire moral foundation secured and reestablished.

Libertarians claim the moral part of the equation should be tossed out when that factor is exactly the problem!

And no... I'm not "holier than thou or thee" - I just sense that's where the problem lies.

Anonymous said...

We need "People to Do The Job Republicans and Democrats Won't Do."

allen said...


You are onto something there. But, Uncle Sam won't like it.