Saturday, December 09, 2006

Us Or Them

Don Feder delivered the following speech to the Americans for A Safe Israel National Conference (“America And Israel – The Present Danger”) held in New York City on December 3, 2006. – The Editors.

You have a problem. It’s a problem shared by Jews in Hebron, Serbs in Kosovo, Hindus in the Kashmir, Catholics in Lebanon, and Americans walking the streets of New York.
Consider the inter-connectedness of the following incidents, all of which took place in the past few months:

-In Indonesia, three Christian schoolgirls were beheaded.
-In Iraq, a Syrian Orthodox priest was kidnapped, tortured, and murdered.
-In Somalia, a nun was shot to death as she left the hospital where she worked, tending the sick and dying.
-In Lebanon, just days ago, a cabinet minister was assassinated.
-In Britain, authorities uncovered a conspiracy in which native-born Brits plotted to blow up several trans-Atlantic flights, killing as many as 3,000.
-In Afghanistan, suicide bombers are at work again.
-In Iraq, they never stopped. Additionally, the week before last, a group of worshippers were abducted from a mosque, doused with gasoline and burned to death in what’s described as “sectarian violence.”
-In France, a high school philosophy teacher is in hiding after very credible death threats following publication of a September 19th commentary in Le Figaro.
Some 139 people died in riots in Nigeria, Libya, Pakistan, and Afghanistan – following the publication of Danish cartoons.
Europe is experiencing the worst wave of anti-Semitic violence since Kristallnacht. The former director of the U.S. Holocaust Museum reports there an average of 12 assaults a day on Jews in Paris.
-In Kosovo, 90 percent of Serbs gave been ethnically cleansed from the province since 1999. The rest live in a state of siege.
-In Mumbai, India, a series of blasts killed almost 200.
-In Gaza, terrorists recently celebrated the latest “ceasefire” by raining more rockets on southern Israel.
And the leader of more than a billion Catholics received death threats and demands that he convert after giving a speech in which he called for a balance of faith and reason, and quoted a 14th century Byzantine emperor.

... read the entire speech. It's terrific!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing to that speech. I would have missed.

Until, people start listening the situation looks pretty grim. A big problem is the head-in-the-sand attitude of the MSM.

Tiger said...

You're welcome!

It is an excellent speech!

Tiger said...

You're right about the "listening". We have to keep pressing on, though, until we leave this "Neville" stage.