Wednesday, December 13, 2006

News Alert! Christians Caused Republican's Loss In November!

Or, How To Continually Crap On Your Constituency!

... no, it's not really a News Alert. It's just that the subject has come up again. Michael Reagan was on Neil Cavuto's show yesterday lamenting about those gosh darn Christian Conservatives and how they caused the Republican's loss in November. If only the "CC" leaders had done more!

Dick Armey's attack on Pat Robertson and "attack" commentary from Human Events has pretty much told the republican Christian base to; GO TO HELL!

... when things go terribly wrong, most sensible people look at themselves first and wonder what they did to cause the problem, if anything. The Republican Party, however, has continued to search far and wide to blame everyone but themselves. It can't be the President, it can't be the Senate, it can't be the House; hold on, it can't be that we've discarded all of our principles! It must be those Christians!

... I've got news for ya, Repubs. I don't worship Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, or the Pope! Maybe you shouldn't either.

Hey Repubs! Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah! YOU IDIOTS!


Lady Hawk said...

Michael acts more like the adopted son! Too bad his daddy can't take him to the woodshed-he needs a good whippin'!

Anonymous said...

That's interesting. I was unaware that Christian conservatives were being blamed for the loses. I need to go read Pat Buchanans's latest on the coming GOP civil war. Here, a war is breaking out all around me and I didn't know it.

Anonymous said...

Armey then recounts several instances where Dobson has threatened the Republican Party with electoral repercussions if it did not deliver on the so-called “values voters” agenda before laying into him for trying to use the GOP to push his right-wing agenda

In his comments posted yesterday, Dobson discussed at length his personal commitment to freedom and limited government. Therefore, we should take him at face value that he is a man dedicated to liberty and small government.

That being the case, I’m sure he agrees that the action by Congress in the Terri Schiavo situation was a trespass against the separation of powers and an affront to conservatives’ historic resistance to judicial activism and interventionism. Clearly we cannot find judicial activism acceptable in cases when it is ordered by a legislative body.

I disagree that the Congress role in Schiavo was a trespass. Congress acted within its constitutional role to tell the judiciary what to look at.

Schiavo seems to be one of those issues like abortion where many may have already partaken in a decision to end life. There minds were already made up and they only saw the government intrusion but did not know the circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Another thing:
How was it in any way judicial activism? That's ridiculous. I am very disappointed in Dick Armey.

The country is screwed. We have no leaders.

Tiger said...

The "Christian" constituencey must be small enough for the republicans to ignore, or, you begin to believe the conspiracy that many within the repub party are anti-Christian.

I beginning to believe the latter.