Monday, December 04, 2006

Jonah Goldberg Lays It Out Simply - To Win, You Have To Fight!

... America Loves Winners!

"One thousand three hundred and forty-seven days."

"That's how long America was involved in combat in World War II, and Sunday, U.S. involvement in Iraq passed that "grim military milestone," as one TV anchor called it."

"When partisans claim that the American people are fed up and want our troops home, they're deliberately muddying the waters. The American people have never objected to far-flung deployments of our troops. We've had soldiers stationed all over the world for decades.What the American people don't like is losing — lives or wars. After all, you don't hear many people complaining that we still have troops in Japan and Germany more than 20,000 days later."

... We want to Win In Iraq, Afghanistan, and the WOT around the entire world. To do so, WE MUST FIGHT!

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