Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Islamic Genocide Plan - A Long Read, But Well Worth it

The following words and pictures prove that radical Muslims have long dreamed, plotted, and demonstrated in favor of the annihilation of Israel and all the Jews in the world. Unfortunately, words and demonstrations are not where they are willing to stop. -- The Editors of Frontpagemag

... In my strongest recommendation possible - READ THIS!


2164th said...

What an outrage. The pictures say it all.

whit said...

I saw that Friday. I'm glad you posted it.

People still don't get it. Does the MSM media cover this kind of news anymore?

allen said...


Thank you for carrying this thread. One caveat is in order, I believe: The Muslims are not solely the repositories of Jew-hatred.

Jew-hatred is on the rise, as evidenced by some comments recently made at the EB. You see, when someone calls me a "terrorist" who is a Jew who supports Israel, that person and all who support that person's point of view are delegitimizing the right of Israel to defend herself and, thereby, survive. As proof of the visceral, instinctual nature of the hatred, consider: When challenged to produce a single instance of my having supported "terrorism", the perpetrator could not respond respectfully in kind. One supporter of my antagonist followed-up by misrepresenting media coverage of espionage in the attempt to cast Israel in the same unfavorable light as a real US enemy, China. He did so by omitting the question of Germany’s possible culpability in the case of espionage. When called on it, the commenter stalked off and did not return to commenting at the EB for nearly a week. When the supporters of these two most flagrant instigators began to miss the camaraderie of the Jew-baiters, they began to see in my questions "trickery" - as in "Those Jews are clever, prankish, semantic gangsters." All these behaviors are the age-old, diabolically classic manifestations of Jew-hatred.

allen said...


I am open to considering the possibility that it is just me who is disliked and that Jewishness is a weapon of convenience. It should be noted, however, that one of the gentleman in question made a comment so over the line that Mat (from Haifa) left off posting at the BC for many months.

Tiger said...

Allen, I very much agree with you. It is a source of great despair to me that "anti-Jew", anti-semitic attitudes are very much still mainstream in America. In fact, like many Americans I was raised to mistrust Jews and it's taken a lifelong effort to fight it.

Recently, this issue has really hit a nerve with me. Cheney's trip to go "seek the wisdom and help" of Daddy Abdullah is just one indication of how some Americans are truly willing to "sell out Israel" (and therefore all Jews).

When we entertain the incremental acceptance of Radical Islam in America and Europe, and/or accept negotiation efforts with the likes of people described in the posted article, we endanger our way of life, our friends and neighbors, our loved ones, and as far as this "evangelical Christian" is concerned; our very soul.

My real fear is "Never Again" will happen again!

Lady Hawk said...

America's leaders are on the side of jihad, otherwise these pictures you posted for islmamic take over would not be happening. The lib-rep-dem dogs of war want one world economic-political-control and power. Citizens are valued only as consumers. China is waiting for the islamofacists to do their worst, and then they will step over the dead bodies and take over. Only God can save us, and if we do not support Israel, God will not support us.

2164th said...

I admire Allen.He goes right at them when they step over the line. There is always some soft prejudice in people. That is mostly non-thinking trash talk and doesn't mean much. However, some of what went on was way over the line. It was meant to antagonize and infuriate. It was just stupid.

I would make this bet. For every Jew in the world, there are at least 10 Christian Americans that would fight and kill for the rights of Jews to survive.

Tiger said...

Lady Hawk, though we can't and shouldn't lay blame at the feet of our leaders for ALL the world's troubles, you make some excellent points.

Citizenry does seem to have become simply a matter of consumerism and the never ending striving for the "almighty" dollar. And yes, America seems to help its enemies more than fight them. I believe its part of our good nature as much as part of our ignorance.

Tiger said...

Exactly, Deuce!

And that's what I'm counting on. Once we see that this acceptance of things that will harm us, all done in the name of "goodness", the hope is that we'll awaken to the threat and start to do something beside's talk.

I've had people call me a WARMONGER for this attitude, but I would rather fight early and perhaps save lives in the future.