Friday, December 22, 2006

Victor Davis Hanson For President

The Man's Got Intellectual Cast Iron Balls! - Unlike Georgie!

"Bluntly identify radical Islam as fascistic — without worrying whether some Muslims take offense when we will talk honestly about the extremists in their midst.
At the same time, keep encouraging consensual governments in the Middle East and beyond that could offer people security and prosperity, while distancing ourselves from illegitimate dictators, especially in Syria and Iran, that promote terrorists. "

"Establish that no more autocracies in the Middle East and Asia will be allowed to get the bomb.
Seek energy independence that would collapse the world price of oil, curbing petrodollar subsidies for terrorists and our own appeasement of their benefactors. "

"Appreciate the history and traditions of a unique Western civilization to remind the world that we have nothing to apologize for but rather much good to offer to others. "

"Finally, keep confident in a war in which our will and morale are every bit as important as our overwhelming military strength. The jihadists claim that we are weak spiritually, but our past global ideological enemies — Nazism, fascism, militarism and communism — all failed. And so will they."

... read the entire article! It's terrific!


Lady Hawk said...

Yes-Mr. Hanson for president with Mr. Whit for VP and with Mr. Tiger as Secretary of WAR!

Doug said...

The Man With Two Brains
as Master Strategerizer.

Doug said...

... Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr

Doug said...

Two Brains

Doug said...

("The Jerk" was his funniest Movie)

Tiger said...

Martin's hilarious! I agree - The Jerk was great!

2164th said...

Lady Hawk,
Can Doug have Tony snow's job? He would give a snow job with a sense of humor.

allen said...


Tiger said...

The good 'ole 101st, right Allen!

Lady Hawk said...

Dear Mr. 2164th,
I thought of Doug as Speaker of the House! You should head the Senate!
You could pull other Elephant Bar people to fill in the houses-though Woman Catholic should be our ambassador to the UN!